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Goodmorningheart.com – Quaker Oats’s site for Healthy Hearts in India

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Quaker Oats has created a portal www.goodmorningheart.com, to help assess risks associated with the heart and provide a range of solutions and information on how to stay Heart Healthy.

Goodmorningheart.com - Quaker Oats's site for Healthy Hearts in India

Quaker Oats with The Times of India and Apollo Hospitals launche  ‘Mission to Make India Heart Healthy’, which is the country’s first ever interactive heart health test and the first in a series of unique activities under the Make India Heart Healthy mission.

Apollo Hospitals has developed a test in which you have to answer set of simple questions and in response, it not only tells you the state of your heart health but offers customized advice on how to maintain or improve your heart health basis your score. The aim of the test essentially is to answer the question ‘Is your heart older than you?”

Quaker Oats, Pepsico India’s breakfast cereal arm, has embarked upon an integrated health drive campaign with the primary objective of creating awareness and educating consumers about heart health.

The company has partnered because of giving the campaign credibility, scale and stature, thus, illuminating its intentions to make this drive a countrywide that will sensitize everyone towards their “heart health.” To kick-start the initiative, along with the print campaign, an integrated logo unit was unveiled in the Times of India.

This portal, http://www.goodmorningheart.com is having menu like Home, About Mission, Heart Health Test, Health Social, and My Journey. If once you have taken the test, then they would get customized diet plans based on risk profiles, heart health tips, healthy recipes and other information required for a healthy heart.

On this website, you will get articles on heart health, tools such as BMI calculators and a downloadable widget, an interesting innovation that helps people to check their progress constantly against set goals.

By raising awareness about their risk of heart disease, the aim of The Quaker Oats-The Times of India-Apollo Heart Health Mission is to make Indians’ heart healthy. The intention is to forewarn people not to alarm so that they make timely and habitual interventions.

Source: http://www.goodmorningheart.com

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