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Oriflame India Website – Oriflame.co.in : Cosmetics Products Catalogue

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Now-a-days, Oriflame is one of the fastest increasing beauty companies selling direct. Oriflame provides its products in 62 countries around the world. It is the market leader in more than half and run 5 own manufacturing facilities. A wide range of high-quality beauty products is offered by Oriflame and it provides a unique opportunity to join their sales force to start business. Sales force of Oriflame consists of approximately 3.3 million Consultants for marketing its product around the globe. In 1967, Oriflame was established in Sweden by Jonas and Robert af Jochnick and their friend Bengt Hellsten. The company reached revenues of € 918 million in the year 2006 and reported it had approximately 5,610 employees, 600 products sold in 59 countries, and production facilities in Poland, India, Sweden, China, and Russia. The Oriflame Group’s global is headquartered in Luxembourg with a trading branch in Fribourg, Switzerland. On the Nordic Exchange, Oriflame is publicly traded and scheduled. Mission of Oriflame is to fulfil Dreams.

Oriflame India Website - Oriflame.co.in : Cosmetics Products Catalogue

When you visit Oriflame.co.in, you will find that to make look great, it keep up with the latest trends and beauty innovation. It provides online shopping facility but for that, you have to go for login with your consultant number and password. You can see its product by clicking on “the products” navigation, which is situated at the top of the home page.

When you click on “the products” navigation, you will see the different categories of cosmetic products. By clicking on any product, you can know about the product and its price. If you want to see catalogue then click on “Get the latest catalogue” option and see catalogue page by page.

Cosmetics Products of Oriflame:

Oriflame Company uses natural ingredients due to it respects nature and strive. For Nature Conservation, the Swedish Society approved that main cleansing agents used in shampoos and shower gels are biodegradable. In its formulations, many ingredients derived from fruits, flowers and plants and with simplicity, elegance and respect for materials and resources, its designs combine functionality. More than 700 cosmetic products are offered by Oriflame India Pvt Ltd at any given time and in Oriflame laboratories, each product is extensively tested to ensure optimum safety, efficacy and quality. With high industry standards and ethical guidelines, Oriflame products are formulated and manufactured in line. Oriflame product has never been tested on animals. For the best cruelty-free personal care product line, the 2007 PETA Proggy award was won by Oriflame India.

Currently, including one in India, Oriflame India Pvt Ltd has five global cosmetic manufacturing plants. Pertinent local and national laws and rules are complied by all Oriflame manufacturing facilities and sub supplier. To reduce waste volumes, Oriflame’s product packaging is recyclable and minimized. In skin care products, it is one of the first companies to utilize plant extracts and always strive to optimize the use of renewable plant sources ingredients. To verify that there are no ingredients that may have negative impact on customer health and the environment, scientific reports on safety and environmental issues are continuously monitored. In Oriflame’s environmental management plan, water conservation is a key priority. It applies those design techniques, which are aimed to reduce water consumption and minimize pollution, to its manufacturing facilities.

Oriflamme is skincare and cosmetics expertise and combining the wisdom of nature with the best of science to deliver distinct product brands – providing a wide portfolio affordable for the many people all with:

  • Assured product performance at value for money
  • High ethical standards and stringent environmental policies
  • High purity ingredients and strict manufacturing standards

Oriflame Product categories:

  • Body Care
  • Skin Care
  • Make up
  • Pretty Feet & Toes
  • Hand & Nail Pampering
  • Glossy Hair Care Products
  • Sun Protectors & Moisturisers
  • Fragrance
  • Oriflame Men
  • Oriflame Self Tan
  • Beauty tools
  • Optimals
  • Pure Nature
  • Get the latest catalogue

Popular Products:

  • Tender Care
  • Giordani Gold Colour Quartet for Eyes
  • FREE Oriflame Catalogue
  • Moisture Concentrate SPF15
  • Oriflame Time Reversing Restoring Day Cream
  • Royal Velvet Ultimate 8- Hour Night Cream
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  1. Husunara Begum says:

    hi I am oriflame consultant residing at Bangalore. plz send me your April catalogue. Indeed oriflame gives u platform to earn money by selling products at your ease. No tension, no bossism. You are your own Boss. There are few draw backs which I am facing continuously and would like to bring to the attention of the production dept., as well as business development dept., On receiving orders when I place it on line 30 to 40% products not available. Due to this I have lost so many valuable customers. For instant this month, I Have received orders for cat Nos. 18483, 20525, 18899, 20151 and 91181. Also starter’s kit bag no.12591 pls reply to my e-mail >>>> Rgds # Husnara/ Bangalore

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  2. moabenla. jamir says:

    Hey im oriflame consultant from dimapur chumukidima nagaland. wana know more about the offers and the welcome offers. my consultant no. is 5004679.

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