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MyBaylor.com – Baylor Health Care System Login Portal

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Www.mybaylor.com is a log in portal of Baylor Health Care System at where you can pay your bill online. You can also search basic information on your account and manage your Baylorhealth.com account and select physician to meet your requirements.

MyBaylor.com - Baylor Health Care System Login Portal

Baylor Health Care System was organized as Christian ministry of healing and now it serves excellent health care, education, research and community service to all the people. Baylor University Medical Center was started with the foundation of Texas Baptist Memorial Sanitarium in 1903. They emphasis on modernism and research that allows you advanced health care options, treatments and procedures. They also provide financial assistance programs thus everyone can get quality health care.

To expand intellectual property and technology, the Baylor Research Institute amalgamates with the medical industry. Baylor Health Care System provides the services like palliative care, nutrition, heart and vascular care, orthopedics, sleep disorder, spine care and many more. It also offers various facilities including Day Surgery Centers, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Centers, Primary Care Centers, etc.

Www.mybaylor.com is a part of www.baylorhealth.com. First you have to register at www.baylorhealth.com and then login at www.mybaylor.com with your username and password. For the registration process, go on www.baylorhealth.com and click on ‘register’ option that is presented on the right top side of the page. Now insert the information like email address, last name, first name, city, zip code, etc. after entering these information, press on the ‘register’ option. Now you can login any time at the site and enjoy the following facilities.

Online bill payment:

For bill payment, select the particular facility for which you want to pay. You can pay online for the facilities like Baylor Medical Center at Irving, Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie, Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano, etc.

Basic information on your account and billing:

You can find online basic information that helps you for your billing questions. Example Patient Invoice, Common Glossary of Terms, Frequently Asked Questions, and Patient Billing Flowchart are provided for you. This information helps you to easily navigate your patient account.

Procedure Estimate Request:

Baylor offers a price anticipating service to its patients, which assist them superior handle their care. You can anticipate the cost of any services within 48 hours. The cost for any Baylor treatments will be unique that gives quality of care.

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  1. babes cobb says:

    What is this? I cannot access our site from home. I spoken with our IT staff and this is where the web address took me.

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  2. sandra hartsell says:

    I have not been able to log in to my Baylor web address for several months. I have been trying to work on my Thrive, expense reports and petty cash request. I have spoken with IT staff and this is as far as I can get.

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