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Medigo.com – Plan your medical Travel

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Plan your medical travel for free at medigo.com, which allows users to search, compare and coordinate their medical process with internationally trusted clinics.

Finding a best health care provider is not an easy task for everyone…especially when you are having a health emergency. No need to worry now because searching best clinic worldwide has become easier at medigo.com, wherein you can search, compare and coordinate your medical care with worldwide trusted clinics. It is a curated healthcare market that provides list of worldwide clinics that can make your travel simple. Not a single…but there are several reasons to make a trip at Medigo – it is free for patients, gives powerful search engine & procedure details and cost estimate, offers full support of your travel needs, and compare clinics to make the healthcare decision more accurate. This platform provides you with all the best information to help you make the best choices in arranging medical travel.

Find clinic at medigo

Medigo is really best service that connects people who are looking to travel for medical reasons with clinics that serve international patients. One can contact directly to get an estimate of their treatment and arrange their medical trip. Users can search clinic along with estimated cost and distance travel. If you like the service of clinic, then you can send direct messages. If you feel that this place is affordable, then start planning the logistics of your medical trip with convenient tools that MEDIGO provides you. It is really best platform for both patients and clinics. Everyone can use this platform and enjoy quality, affordable medical care. It’s a very secure place to share medical history with trusted clinic, so make use of it and be healthy. It connects patients directly with trusted health care providers in order to get required treatment. Each clinic is listed with authorization levels, facility pictures, staff experience, procedure prices and reviews from former patients. No matter what are your requirements, here you can access healthcare on your terms.

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How it works?

Medigo for patients:

Find clinics around the world:

First, find the clinics that match your desired medical specialty or procedure. Here, you can view clinics from worldwide and from a country of interest. For discovering clinics, enter treatment or procedure you are interested in the search field. After that select country that you want to travel or if you are not sure about where you will travel to, compare the worldwide clinics with default search setting of “All destinations”.

Users are also able to sort out clinic search result by country, procedure, services offered, as well as by price and review scores. They are also planning to add new search functionalities that meet your requirements. To view more detailed information about a clinic, select “view details” on the search results page. Here, you are able to see high definition pictures of the facility, and also learn about the clinic history, staff, location, procedures and reviews.

Each clinic provides service at different price. The price displayed on the site is only the average cost of procedure. The clinic also provides estimated cost when you provide them with particular medical information about your condition, medical history, and treatment requirements.

Connect with clinics:

After searching clinic, open View details and then click “inquire”. Fill out your desired procedure and specify the estimated date of the procedure. Once you fill up the form, send it. If you are already member of the site, then your message will be sent straight to the clinic that means registration must be required to get message. No need to worry about your personal information, because site shares only your first name with clinic, until you decide to reveal it to a clinic.

Share data securely:

Here, you can share medical records with clinic easily through secure messaging system in order to define how much your treatment will cost. Simply upload medical records, test results, pictures and other documents to assist your doctor know about your health history. Once a clinic has learned enough about your medical history and specific needs, they will give estimate cost along with some conditions.

Plan your trip and travel:

If the price and conditions set by the clinic are right, then choose the clinic and start to plan your trip. All clinics on MEDIGO provide medical travel services like book your flights, arrange ground transportation, reserve a hotel, find a doorkeeper, transfer medical documents, and more. Information about additional services is available on the profile page of the clinic. You are able to send a direct message to the clinic with any specific question about medical services. Once you have selected a clinic, the clinic’s international patient department or the clinic’s authorized partners will help to plan a trip. Both you and the clinic have to access the route in the trip planner, which gets updated with information about your flight, lodging, and any special service you request. Trip planner manages all these information into a readable, printable program.

Get care:

After planning a trip, meet your doctor. Follow any necessary pre-treatment medical exam and fill up any final paperwork. Enjoy high-quality care. Once you recover after your treatment, you can take part in any additional activities that you have planned.

Review your clinic:

We all know that feedback or review works a lot for any organization that’s why medigo wants to hear how was your treatment! Once you return home, take out some time to give thoughtful feedback about the quality of care you enjoyed or experienced. Be genuine while giving your feedback because it helps other patients to make informed decisions about their treatment options. Both your review and clinic rating will remain unknown.

Medigo for clinics:

Free clinic listing:

Not only patients….Medigo is also best platform for doctors. Here, they can list their treatment facility for free. Clinics have to create a detailed profile, so that patients can take well-informed decisions. It takes little charge from clinic when patient contacts the clinic through Medigo and get a treatment there. If you want to list your clinic on Medigo, then you have to just submit a form.

Get inquires:

As soon as you list your clinic on the website, patients are able to view your clinic and contact you. It will send an alert message through email for each patient inquiry.

Manage patient leads:

All conversations with potential patients are saved in the secure patient dashboard. It is very useful and easy to follow up on leads. You are also able to request medical records or extra information required to develop the best course of treatment for patient.

Provides cost estimates:

When doctor has developed an appropriate treatment plan, the clinic can recommend a treatment cost estimate. This quote includes a definition of which treatments, supplies and care are covered by the costs of treatment, the terms of cancellation and handling of unexpected medical treatment.

Schedule procedure:

It will give notification when a patient selects your clinic for their treatment. After that, you can book treatment date that perfectly suits your schedule and the patient’s schedule. Use Medigo trip planner to confirm the date.

Arrange travel:

When the specific patient treatment date is fixed, begin arranging the flights, airport pick-up, accommodation, tourist activities, shopping, translation and interpretation services, etc. The trip planner manages multiple customers, and gives patient a clear overview of their trip.

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