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Letsmove.gov: Join a Campaign for Healthy American Youth

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With the change in life style, the food habit is also changed. Earlier, it was time when children used to have healthy, full of nutrients food at home. Now with a change in scenario, this concept of healthy eating food habits is almost deteriorating because neither working parents have time for their children nor children have time for their parents. Over the time, the dependence on having food from outside has increased and so number of diseases has also increased in children; one of the most dangerous diseases among them is obesity.

Letsmove.gov: Join a Campaign for Healthy American Youth

One of the biggest causes of increasing obesity could be dependence of machinery, as earlier people used to be self dependent to complete their respective tasks but today that self dependent term place has been taken over by technology and machineries. Earlier, children used to play outdoor games and used to go to park while today’s children are busy with their video games, television shows, and internet along with the consumption of fast food has been increased a lot, thus results into obesity. So this type of lifestyle puts children’s health at big threat.

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In America, nearly one in three children are overweight or obese. The future of any nation depends on the children of the nation. What if the children are obese? Will the nation will be able to make any progress? Thus, keeping in mind the concept of healthy nation, First Lady Michelle Obama has launched Let’s Move! Let’s Move. This is especially dedicated to solve the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation so that children born today will grow as the healthier citizen of the country. In order to achieve following agenda of the “Let’s Move”:

  • Provide healthy food in schools
  • Use healthy and sustainable food service guidelines in municipal food service
  • To provide children with a healthier start
  • Map play spaces and create safe places for kids to play

The main cause of rise in the number of the obese children includes the change lifestyle, lack of physical activities, limited access to the healthy food, more availability of fast food, more hours spent in front of television and computer, genetic disorder.

Along with showing the healthy path towards the healthy future to the children, Let’s Move also provides the guidelines to the parents in order to nourish their children in the healthy ways. Reducing the obesity in the children is not one person task, everybody has to work as a team and that team consists of elected officials from all levels of government, schools, health care professionals, faith-based and community-based organizations, and private sector companies.

The site www.Letsmove.gov covers the following main points:

Learn the facts:
Before fighting against any disease, it is very necessary to know about the disease and why it is dangerous? Under this, the complete information regarding the obesity, causes and other details has been given. According to this, nearly 40% of the children are overweight or obese; if this problem is not solved the number will increase many times.

Eat healthy:
Parents and teachers are the guide, who are responsible for the right upbringing of the children. In the way, they have importance of showing the right directions for healthy choices of children, so it offers information support system in order to make a choice in healthy eating.

Nutrients information:
In this point, various important information are provided regarding nutrients. It encourages eating fewer calories that help to be more physically active.

It is just reminder to make a healthy choice of the meal. It reminds the foods that have to be taken on the priorities bases. It reminds the importance of fruits and vegetable along with whole grains, lean proteins, and low fat dairy in one’s meal.

MyPlate Recipes:
Here you can serves yummy dishes that are full of nutrients with little changes in the ingredients.

You can find out the recipes of the healthy foods from the best chefs.

Get active:
In this section, the importance of the physical exercise is given as the physical exercise is very important for the healthy lifestyle to control weight, decrease the chances of obesity and many more advantages. Let’s Move promotes the importance of exercise in school as well as to create new opportunities for families to move together. It also supports Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA+) challenge, wherein it encourages the students to senior citizen to do physical exercise. Also, the winner is awarded in order to encourage others. In this, the duration of the exercise is given in order to stay fit.

Take action:
It is divided among various section of the society like parents, schools, community leaders, elected officials, chefs, kids and health care providers. Here, responsibilities and duties of various group of the society is mentioned for the healthy living and well being also the responsibilities of the group is mentioned along with how they can contribute in making a healthy society.

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