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HelpingDoc.com – Find and Book a top doctor near you

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Reach your doctor anytime with no waiting, as HelpingDoc.com help patients to Book an ‘instant’ appointment with doctor at their suitable time at most convenient location. No charge for finding, so try and feel healthy all the time!

Health is wealth for many, and it is not good to compromise when making decision about the health. Looking for the perfect doctor on right time is too hard and complicated… but only in the past. In this digital era, you can find the best and nearest doctors and hospitals from huge database of doctors listed on the web. It means broaden the choices, better your decision. HelpingDoc.com do the same thing, but in different way. This portal help patients find doctor as per their requirements…very simply, and quickly. Most importantly, patients can reach the concerned doctors with 2 to 3 mouse clicks using this search engine. Such a quick and time saving website! Not only patients, also doctors get increased flow of patients being member at the site. Many other benefits are available for patients and doctors…want to know? Just keep on reading…

HelpingDoc.com - Find and Book doctor instantly

You may never know that when you need doctor in emergency. Keeping this in mind, HelpingDoc.com is designed in such a way that it helps you reach doctor without wasting any time. On the home page, you will find a box containing direct links for three most important tasks – Book appointment, Online consultation, and Healthcare package.

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On hitting Book online related option, you are facilitated with very quick and amazing services of HelpingDoc.com. To make your search fast, it provides filter options like search by Days, Timings, Consultation fees, and Qualification, by checking the required box. Each result will inform you about all the important details like their area of expertise, name with qualification, experience years, consultation fees, address, and availability. Map directions are also provided, so that patients can find the booked doctor’s location without any hassle.

Along with that, you will get three tabs with each search result – Ask query, Online consultation, and Book appointment. Profile page is set up in the same box, just click if you want to know. There are so many doctors available in the list, just turn one by one pages to select the best one. Now, it is very easy to get answers for your health queries. Just click on Ask query tab of your selected doctor. Instantly, you will be taken to the page wherein you are asked to enter title of the question and to describe your question in detail for getting much clear idea. Also, it is important to enter your email ID to get answer of your query.

In some cases, patients have no time to visit in-person still concerned about the symptoms of the illness or sometimes feeling embarrass to discuss their problem. There are also some patients, who are leaving so far from the location of doctor, so they mostly prefer to consult the doctor before travelling. For them, HelpingDoc.com provides great option – online consultation. Understanding such an awkward situation, it offers 100% Money Back Guarantee and 100% Satisfaction Assurance for online consultation.

If you prefer online consultation, you need to enter the same details as you enter for Ask query. Only difference is that you are charged for the particular fees for getting consultation. No…no….earning money is not the one and only purpose for online consultation, but here you are allowed to pick up best doctor from 5000+ World Class Top Doctors list along with 50+Specialties. Another best thing is that doctors at HelpingDoc.com will response your queries within 48 Hours as online consultation charges nominal fee to patients. Also, patients are allowed to have 2 Free Follow-Up Questions.

Here, you are allowed to add files like your medical reports or images. Patients can upload max. 3 files with max. 2 mb size each. Payment option is also available on the same page, for getting fast results.

Most important tab is Book appointment. The page will be opened with complete details of doctor like specialty, qualifications, special facilities provided by the doctor, area of expertise, Professional Experience/Hospital Affiliations, Certifications and Memberships, Experience, Languages known, Awards and Publications along with Consultation fee.

Once you get detailed information and are ready to book an appointment, here is your best way. In second step, you are provided with available time slot to pick up your convenient date and time for appointment.

All the doctors listed on HelpingDoc are well qualified and experienced. The HelpingDoc team has carefully enrolled doctors from independent clinics and multi-specialty hospitals across geographical areas within a city. Using HelpingDoc’s effective service, patients can book an appointment with ‘right’ doctor, right time. As it is online, patients can book an instant appointment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Even through telephone and e-mail, patients get support of a Patient Support Team for offline help.

Not only patients, but doctors also get benefit at the site. Doctors get more visibility being member at the site as it is marketed through corporate, social media and other traditional and non-traditional medias to allow patients book instant appointment 24/7 through multiple channels. That means more patients. Once they logged in, they can view as well as print daily and weekly appointment schedules at Appointment Dashboard. As the doctor is allowed to record the appointment notes and store them in the patient’s electronic medical record, the doctor can view the patient’s history anytime. The doctor can keep public profile up-to-date for new awards, certifications and publications.

Overall, HelpingDoc is the gateway, where patient can contact with the right healthcare providers at the right time.

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