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HCGoncology.com – South Asia’s largest Cancer Care Network

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HealthCare Global (HCG) Enterprises Ltd is South Asia’s Largest Cancer Care Network, only dedicated cancer care network with quality care across 18 centers. HCGoncology.com is its official website. HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd is headquartered in Bangalore. It is also renowned leader in cancer care for over 20 years. Generally, cancer could never be the illness that be cured but we don’t know to cure them from the boot, but just to relief the pains that the sufferers are suffering, according to the recent medical care standard. HCG is just a professional organization dedicated in the cancer care for all the cancer sufferers of the worldwide range. Organization’s slogan is just adding life to years. It would also be its dream and aim.

HCGoncology.com - South Asia's largest Cancer Care Network

On this site, from the first link ‘about us’, you will know about company’s mission and value, read the letter from the chairman, get about their employment and media relation and get their contact information. You have the chance to learn about the company’s network from the second link. You can know that affiliated HCG centers are born out of their collaboration with hospitals and physicians and tailed to meet the specific needs of the communities they serve.

You are allowed to learn about the center fact sheets from the links at the right side. Click on “show the network map” and see the map containing the information on the entire network. Learn about their business model from ‘HCG services’. Know about every center in the HCG network functions separately from the articles of the page. You will be taken via these links to learn about the multidisciplinary physician team, latest diagnostic and treatment options, cutting edge technology, psychosocial and support services, healing environment and clinical trial options.

From the fourth link, you can know about partnering with HCG from development to management. HCG provides facility and space planning, construction management, clinical program development and equipment recommendations from the article “seeing a vision through” and more on the course of development. “Facilitation achievement” article is for HCG management/ administration services that include program development and operational support.

All about their investors can be found from the fifth link. Here you can find their investors that include private equity and evolence India life sciences fund. On this page, learn about profiles of the investors.

Click on the sixth link to know about HCG foundation that is founded to help ensure that no cancer patient will be turned away from treatment. Side links like finding a doctor, international patients, and to make an enquiry are the most important three issues.

Describe the region in which the doctor could be found in the pull down menu. Then read about these headlines and full version of these news reports to know the process of how fast the human beings’ health care and medical care standard has been developed. Through this website, you can know about cancer and be familiar. Some aspects at the right side page, like cyberknife, artiste, medical, surgical, etc are given to know about cancer.

Source: http://hcgoncology.com

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