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OregonChildSupport.gov: A Child Support services for Oregon

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Every kid has a right to get the support of both the parents. But some children do not get the love and care of both the mother and the father due to some reasons. Apart from the basic needs like food, clothing and shelter, raising a child involves a lot more expenses. The Oregon Child Support Program may help you out if you are a single parent having problems to raise your children single handedly. You can apply for child support services of the Oregon Child Support Program at the official website oregonchildsupport.gov.

OregonChildSupport.gov: A Child Support services for Oregon

The Oregon Child Support Program is one of the best service programs across the state. This program is a joint venture of county District Attorneys’ Offices and the Oregon Department of Justice. Every year this Child Support Program helps over 450,000 parents to provide the financial and emotional support for their children while returning crucial funds to the public treasury.

Both custodial and non-custodial parents can get the child support services. You can apply for services of this program even if the other parent lives in another state. Caretaker or relatives who have physical custody of the child are also free to avail the services of this child support program. This Child Support Program provides help with many aspects of child support. These may include establishing paternity, finding the non-custodial parent, establishing a child support order, coordinating health care coverage, collecting child support payments, determining the amount of past due child support, collecting spousal support payments, and much more.

The Oregon Child Support Program also helps in establishing paternity, which means determining the biological father of the child. Sometimes the father is not listed on the birth certificate of the child. In such cases, a legal paternity must be established to obtain a support order for the child, obtain an order for cash medical support or health care coverage. Establishing paternity is also required to protect the child’s rights like money or property left in a will or Social Security benefits in case the father dies. It also allows the child an access to the family medical history of the father.

Apart from Child Support, this program helps the parent to find where the other parent lives or works even if he/she does not want to be found. For this the parent has to share some important information like full name, last known address and/or phone number, birth date, last known employer name, Social Security number, social club membership, driving or any other license, etc. In case the non-custodial parent wants to avoid paying for child support and moves to some other state, still the custodial parent may discuss it with the case manager regarding the other enforcement options available.

As per the Oregon law, every child support order includes a provision for medical support. This medical support includes health care coverage and cash medical services. The cash medical support is the additional amount a parent is ordered to pay, to help with the heath care coverage by the other parent or to help with the uninsured medical expenses of the kid. Children with an age between 18 to 21 years and attending school are also entitled to receive child support payments from their parent(s) provided that there is a current child support order.

In Oregon most of the child support is collected voluntarily, but unfortunately some parents refuse to financially support their children which is their duty. In such cases, the local District Attorneys and Department of Justice are forced to take legal action. The Child Support Program has many tools to enforce child support in cases where a non-custodial parent does not fulfill their duty. The driving license or occupational licenses or even the passport of such parents may be cancelled. In some extreme cases, the parent may also face a jail sentence.

Keeping the child and his family safe is the highest priority of the organization. It does not tolerate child abuse or domestic violence. If the parent or children is in an unsafe situation, this program can take additional precautions to protect them while continuing to provide the child support.

This Child Support Program strives to help the parents give their children the financial and emotional support they need to grow and flourish. You can fill out an online application form or contact your local child support office, to apply for child support service. A one time fee of 1 dollar will be charged for this service. This fee will be deducted from the first money that is collected by the organization.

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  • Helps to get financial and medical support
  • Helps in collection of child support payment
  • Helps in establishing paternity
  • Helps to locate other parent
  • Strict with parent refusing to pay
  • Parents can make child support payments online
  • Offer toll free number to contact customer service
  • Child Support Documents can be downloaded through the site

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