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NJChildSupport.org: Child Support services for New Jersey

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Support is very essential for development in life as child needs support from parents for their development and up bringing; students get support from teachers for their progress; and patients require support from doctors and nurses for improvement in their health. Responsibility of parents both mother and father is to ensure their child has sufficient food to eat, clothes to wear and a protected place to live. Parents love their child so they provide him/her emotional and financial support that they need to become a responsible adult. New Jersey’s child support program can help those children, who do not get support they require, by providing them support.

www.NJChildSupport.org: Child Support services for New Jersey

If parents got separated by some reason, then the child will become helpless and face problem in getting required support. If you are part of a separated relationship with children involved, and live in the New Jersey area, then visit www.njchildsupport.org to find out exactly what is officially anticipated for you and your former spouse. Each child support case contains two parents such as the custodial parents and the non-custodial parents. Custodial parent lives with the child and carries the primary daily responsibilities. Non-custodial parents do not have the child living with him and the father is the non-custodial parent in over 90 percent of the cases.

You must remember that child support is more than just money. If you are custodial parent and not receiving support from the other parent, then you should request for support. You will get help in finding your way along the child support by the information at www.njchildsupport.org. You can apply for child support, check on case information, learn about support options and much more at www.njchildsupport.org. Contact your county support office or call the New Jersey Child Support Information Line, 1-877-NJKIDS1 for getting more information about child support.

You need to pay a onetime fee of six dollars for applying for complete child support for location, medical support and paternity as well as for monitoring support; you have to pay $25 a year. But if you get public assistance, you need not to pay anything as it will be free of cost for you. You can apply for a child support by many ways but the online approach seems to be the most efficient. In addition to it, you can request for many types of child support such as location related support, paternity, medical, and monitoring as independent request areas that all would form full child support services from the state of New Jersey.

You can apply online for an application that is used together with Title IV-D Child Support Program that is federally funded program. You should know a lot of information before filling out the form when you are applying for NJ child support online. You need to know some of the relevant items such as the birth date of child, the language they speak, if they are a citizen of the U.S., and their social security number to speed up the child support application process. NJ child support services also wish to know about your income, so it is important for you to keep your financial information ready. These services even want to know either you are receiving other money or not.

You can use the child support calculator to know how much money your children might be getting in support payments on government run website. Lots of expenses such as a place to live, medical expenses, and food for your child are covered by Child support. If your child is too young to complete the form, then you need to take a few minutes to access www.njchildsupport.org to fill up the required form. You can also check on your particular case information at this official site. You can not only access case information but also view up to 13 months of history through the online feature.

You can access your child support case by entering your case ID, the last four digits of your Social Security Number and birth date. Child support payments can be arranged through direct deposit and NJ debit card. You can also search the NJ Family Support Payment Center option as an alternative and choose best payment option for you after reviewing all your payment options. You can submit an application online; download, print and complete the Child Support Application form given at this site; or get an application at your county’s Board of Social Services, Welfare Office or Family Court.

You can also change a child support amount if you require but you need to go through a process such as file papers at the Court, request a hearing or conference, and prove that there are major changes in their money situation that you cannot control, and the changes are going to last for a long time. The Court can recalculate the child support, if there is a good reason. As per the another law, the cost of living or changes in income takes place time by time, so support cases can be reviewed every three years to see the support amount should go up or down.

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  • Helps you in collection and disbursement of child support payment
  • Provides toll free number to contact customer service
  • Free online child support calculator
  • Assist you to get court-ordered financial support
  • Child Support services review support cases every 3 years to see the support amount should go up or down.

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