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The official site of the KEWES (Kentucky Department for Employment Services) is www.KEWES.Ky.Gov which is one stop website for both employers seeking capable workers and job seekers looking for employment. From the site, you can have online platform to file your unemployment benefits and request your bi-weekly check online. The site provides all details in one place such as special sections for veterans, seniors, aliens and students. You can also get the information about job services, unemployment insurance services, Labor Market Information, and training opportunities, adn more from the sites.

www.KEWES.Ky.Gov - Kentucky Department for Employment Services

The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training (OET) is division of the Department of Workforce Investment that partners provides trained people for jobs, excellence jobs for people, provisional financial support for the unemployed, inclusive labor market information, and protect the integrity and viability of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, thus encouraging the economic well-being of the Commonwealth.

Services of Kentucky Office of Employment and Training (OET)

Job services: With this service, it is match accessible workers with employers who require their skills and experience. Work search and transfers may be performed locally, statewide and nationally.

Unemployment Insurance: It offers temporary benefits for those who are jobless through no mistake of their own.

Labor Market Information: It provides Labor Market Information which includes number of statistical data on employment and wage patterns. It is accessible locally, statewide and nationally to both businesses and job seekers.

Training: Through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), it provides Training opportunities for Adult Dislocated Worker and Youth who meet certain eligibility criteria.

When you visit the site, get the main navigation at the front page and also top side of this page. At top side, you will get sections like home, employer, unemployment insurance, and job seekers. At the site, you will get many complex areas within the Unemployment Insurance Program. You can file an unemployment benefits claim at this page. Job seekers page provides job opening and job seeker services. The KEWES can help you with all your employment-related needs.

Search job at www.KEWES.Ky.Gov

To find the job from the www.KEWES.Ky.Gov, then first you need to register with the Kentucky Office of Employment and Training. For the registration, visit the OET Office that is in your area to obtain personal assistance or you may Self-Register on-line. Online registration service is very easy, where first get registration form, for this click on the Job Search and Registration section which is situated right side of the front page, open it and get self registration page and follow service information and do registration. When you register you will be asked to provide information relating to your work history, experience, education, special training, your interests and any specific skills you possess.Basically you are just supplying the kind of information that is usually integrated on your resume.If you wan to register in the Job-seeker service by OET office, then first find OET location by select office list or open the local office directory.

All job seekers do not register with OET drawing Unemployment Insurance (UI) benefits, only a about a part of all job seekers registered for employment with the Office of Employment and Training (OET) are Unemployment Insurance recipients.

File unemployment benefits claim

You can file your unemployment benefits claim on online and by phone. To file your claim online, you will need to Social security number, complete mailing address, Name, address, and phone number for each of your employers over the last 18 months, the exact dates you started at each of your jobs, and the exact date of the last day at each job. The KEWES Internet claims system is available through Friday from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM and Sunday from 10:00 AM until 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Online claims service is not available on Saturdays. You can also request your bi-weekly benefit check service by telephone call 866-291-2926 (toll free).

Unemployment Insurance claimants also file claims by calling at 502-875-0442 Monday through Friday between 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Eastern Time.

Veteran Services

The Kentucky Office of Employment and Training (OET) have local veterans Employment Representatives and Disabled Veteran Outreach Specialists which allocated specially to help veterans with their service and training needs. To provides veteran service, their staff member work with OET (Office of Employment and Training) staff, Veterans’ Employment and Training Service, Department of Veterans Affairs and various organizations. They give veteran service with priority services, which made for developing their employability and career options. They also offer job search and other employment related activities including resume preparation, resource materials, job search workshops, interviewing techniques, Internet access, labor market information, self assessment, and eligible training providers.

Employer Electronic Services

Employer can also get benefit unemployment insurance service of the KEWES. At this site, employers can create or reopen an unemployment insurance account, submit quarterly tax reports, or pay unemployment taxes on-line.

Benefit of Employer Electronic Services

  • Submit quarterly tax reports over the Internet through
    either an on-screen form or a file upload option
  • Retrieve information about the Kentucky UI program
  • Pay taxes by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Establish a new UI Account

Employer Job Order Form

If you are employer of the any company and want to submit a job order online to the Office of Employment and Training, then you need to fill up the online job order form. To submit your online job order form, you may be contacted by an employment specialist to verify your request and get any additional information.

Source: www.kewes.ky.gov.

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