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Www.iras.gov.sg is the official website of IRAS, which stands for The Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore. In charge of tax collection, IRAS is a statutory board of the Singapore Government. The Singapore Income Tax Department was formed in 1947. In November 1948, actual assessing of tax was started. Approximate 40,000 individual tax returns and 1,000 corporate returns were received in the first Year of Assessment. For the period 1 January 1948 to 31 December 1949, the total collected tax was $33.2 million.

www.iras.gov.sg - Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

The Inland Revenue Department was formed in 1960. Substantial changes were made to the Income Tax Act on 9 August 1965 at the time of Singapore’s independence but the act came into effect on 1 January 1966. Substantial resources were dedicated to staff training from the 1970s. Microfilming was stepped up to set aside space and reduces file handling in 1972. IRD has an acute staff shortage due to its ever-expanding role with the rapid increase in the number of taxpayers. Due to specialized training and skills of IRD staff, the private sector highly sought IRD staff.

When people visit www.iras.gov.sg, they will see navigations such as “Home”, “About IRAS”, “News & Events”, “Careers”, “Ask IRAS”, and “Useful links”. They will also see quick search options and other options such as “Individuals”, “Business”, “Property”, “GST”, and “other taxes” such as stamp duty, casino tax, trust, clubs, trade associations, MCs & town councils. By selecting proper option, users can get information about how to pay bill, how to login, and check tax form related to that option at myTax Portal. At the right hand side of the home page, they will also see the option of login to mytaxportal and also some quick links like e-Services, e-Tax Guides, tax calculators, tax treaties, exchange rates, and refunds.

Benefits of myTax Portal:

  • View tax account details
  • Make payment via Internet Banking
  • View a payment plan schedule
  • Request a statement of account
  • Request a payment voucher to make payment via other payment modes

How to login at myTax Portal?

Users can login to mytext portal by clicking on “login to mytext portal” option and they will get mytext portal page. They need to select the option about their login matter, then click on the option with which they want to login such as “SignPass” and “IRAS Pin”. If users select “SignPass” option then they need to enter their SignPass ID (identification number) and SignPass (8-24 characters, it is case sensitive) then click on “submit” option. If users select “IRAS Pin” option then they need to enter my tax reference number and my IRAS pin then click on “login” option.

How to check their tax form at myTax Portal?

myTax Portal is a safe and secure one-stop personalized portal for taxpayers to transact with IRAS electronically. After logging in to myTax Portal, users can check that IRAS has processed their tax form. For that, they may call its 24-hour Integrated Phone Service and follow the steps below:

  • Call 1800-356 8300 (or +65-6356 8300 if you are overseas)
  • Click on 1 for English or 2 for Mandarin
  • Click on 2 for status of returns and assessments
  • Click on 1 for Income Tax/Tax Clearance
  • Click on 2 for assessment status
  • Follow instructions given

Income tax is to be paid within one month from the date of the Notice of Assessment. Taxpayers, who pay their income tax through GIRO can enjoy up to 12 monthly interest-free installments. For income tax, the deduction date is on the 6th of each month.

There are several ways to sign up for GIRO. DBS/POSB and OCBC customers can sign up at online GIRO application via Internet Banking, DBS/POSB customers can sign up at Online GIRO application at AXS stations, and users can fill the Hardcopy GIRO application form.

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