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Sbms.ap.gov.in – Social Benefits Management System of Andhra Pradesh

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The state government of Andhra Pradesh provides social benefits to residents through Social Benefits Management System (SBMS) available on Sbms.ap.gov.in.

Www.sbms.ap.gov.in is the official website of Social Benefits Management System (SBMS) Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. Useful information for students regarding scholarships in Andhra Pradesh is provided by the website. Www.Sbms.gov.in turned to epass.cgg.gov.in on 15 December 2009. CGG powers e-PASS that stands for electronic Payment & Application System of Scholarships.

Sbms.ap.gov.in - Social Benefits Management System of Andhra Pradesh

Financial assistance is being provided by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Backward Class, Disabled, and Economically Backward Class students, who are studying post matriculation courses on saturation approach to enable them to complete their education. CGG stands for Centre for Good Governance and powers e-PASS. The Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) launched the Centre for Good Governance to help it in achieving the State’s goal of Transforming Governance in October 2001. The design and implementation of GoAP’s Governance Reform Program is coordinated and supported by CGG.

To help government departments and agencies in implementing their reform agenda successfully, CGG provides professional advice and conducts change management programs for them. CGG closely works with policy-makers like ministers, management experts, institutions, senior officials, and other stakeholders, especially citizens towards ushering in a caring government centered on the people. Aim of CGG is to be a world-class institution to guide governance reforms in Andhra Pradesh, other states in India and the developing world at large, by bringing together and harnessing the power of knowledge, technology and people.

When people will visit at Sbms.ap.gov.in they will be directed to www.epass.cgg.gov.in. At www.epass.cgg.gov.in, they will see three links on the home page such as e-PASS website, Submission of renewal application, 2010-2011 Renewals print application/acknowledgement. They will also see the guidelines about electronic payment applications system of scholarships.

SBMS dedicates to provide overall services to apply for scholarships to students. Everyone may search for the detailed steps about how to apply for scholarship online from this website because there is plenty of important information related to scholarship application. Students are allowed to apply online for scholarship through SBMS website. Many students will gain success in getting acceptance for their application with the great help from SBMS. That is why; most of them will get their scholarship when their application is accepted.

This website lets more convenience for students to download forms that may be required for an application. Everyone can easily find the right forms and download them from this website. Overall, this website helps students to achieve success in getting scholarship.

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