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Pcdaopune.gov.in is the official website of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers) where by inputting the username and password, you will get details regarding salary, HBA, DSOPF, receipt of claims, etc. This site also provides the Hindi version.

pcdaopune.gov.in - Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers) portal

Under the Ministry of Defence (Finance), Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers) CDAO Pune was started in 1939 for the Department of Defence Accounts. CDAO is responsible for audit and payment, allowances and all personal claims. Travel Allowances and Leave Travel Concessions, of all officers of Indian Army are also handled in CDAO. 

CDAO also procedures pension papers of retiring army officers and forwards such papers to “The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts” (Pensions) at Allahabad. The website provides full Information on Rules & Regulations relevant to Govt. orders, Army Instructions and Army Orders including leaves, advances, retirement/pension, promotions for the Officers of Indian Army, FAQs related to Pay, Permanent Duty, L.T.C, Check list for claims, download forms and file your grievances online, and latest news & announcements.

On the home page of pcdaopune.gov.in you can see news regarding the institution in a box given at the center of the screen. From this column, you can get the latest news of India government. On the left side of news box, there is a “Spot Light” section. There are many news in this section like Message for officers of Pioneer Corp, Important Message Regarding Salary Bankers, Instructions to download SoA, SC Judgement-Retired Maigen, Latest on 6CPC, Message from ITO, NPC for Bank, Instructions to submit TA/DA/LTC requistions, LTC-80, 6CPC, and PCDA (O) Handbooks-2009. By clicking your favorite column, you can find the detailed material of it. You can also know the messages for officers, important messages of bankers, download something as well as know something about ITO, CPC and NPC.

On the right side there is a “Sign In” box to log in with username and password. Below the box there is three options Forgot Username/Password, Register as new user, and Newspage. If you have already registered, then just put your username and password to login. If you are not registered, then click on “Register as new user” and fill the information to become a member.

Above the “Sign In” box you can see a message that says “Message from principal controller” which directs you to a new screen that explains how the site works. In this screen you can also read a message that shows you that the site is very recent. The email address is given – enquiry@pcdaopune.gov.in. If you have any questions, then you can email to this address. On the bottom of the homepage, there is a disclaimer which tells you that the contents of this web site cannot be quoted as authority in any of the correspondence with the Office of the Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers) or with any other organisation.

Source: https://pcdaopune.gov.in

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User Reviews

12 User Reviews of "pcdaopune.gov.in – Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Officers) portal"
  1. R.naresh says:

    i am a deaf …. and i studied in b.com passed. I want to my work in govt job… and so my skill is in accountant as well. my e-mail is by nashrajan83@gmail.com.

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  2. lt col retd satish sud says:

    I am trying to contact PRO pcdao pune at phone 02026401356
    for last one month for getting my disability pension as per the latest policy
    i tried other two assistance phone numbers
    none of the number has ever replied sent e- mails to cdap pune giving all the details no reply has ever been recd may i have the personal number of cda pune so that i can talk to him regarding my disability pension
    hope somebody looks up my case favourably
    my particlars
    IC 32509A
    cda account no xv / 147/ 139797H
    PPO no. M/ 003306197
    my bank account no. PNB hoshiarpur
    email. sud_satish@yahoo.co.in

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  3. CMajor Kashmir Singh says:

    I above said officer already fwd my detail to your officer just
    after receiving news about Rank Pay arrears in Oct 2012. I did not receive the arrears so for. Once again fwd the by this e-mail on 17 Aug 2014 at 14.35h. My CDA O A/C No. is 16/273/166348K, PAN is ACZPJ5326R,
    Bank A/C No. 0894000300131397,IFC code is PUNB0089400 bank name is PNB Shahpur,Distt. Kangra (HP).and PPO No is M/003780/2013 dated 15.9.2003.

    You are therefore fwd my arrears on given detail immediatly on receiving this e-mail.
    Your Faithfully
    (Major Kashmir Singh)

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  4. Lt Col Parbhat Singh, Retired says:

    Dear Sir,
    1. I SL-3396A Lt Col parbhat Singh, CDA (o) Acct No 121/166365k.
    Retired on 31 Dec 2010.
    2. In 1996, I was commissioned as SL (Cipher Officer) on 20 Jul 1985. Held the rank of Capt in 1996. Understood some pay revision to officers holding the rank of Capt in 1996.
    3. May i request you to send me the form required to be filled and sent to your office. I have given my e.mail address and my mob No is 9685900204.
    Thanking You
    Lt Col Parbhat Singh, Retired

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  5. Lt Col (retd) chaman lal soodan says:

    I SL-03167P , CDA A/C No 164359 have forwarded the details for crediting my rank pay arrears twice but till date no info has been recd. Please intimate if some detils are still required at my above mail. Thanks

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  6. Lt Col ( Retd) S K Joshi says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am an ex-AMC officer who took premature retirement in Oct 2000. My CDA(O)Account No.is 03/54/140743 and Personal No. is 03755H.

    On 18Oct 2014 an amount of Rs 215599/- was credited directly by PCDA in my S/bank Acct No.90632010041140 in Syndicate bank, Br Sector 12A Dwarka.

    The bank staff do not have any details about it. I would be grateful if you can let me know What this payment is about ? and also whether Income tax has been deducted from this payment or not. Please send me the Form 16 in r/o this payment for tax planning and payment of advance tax due.

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  7. randhir Gill says:

    my DSOP was received by you on 16 Mar 15, not passed as yet

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  8. christopher says:

    dear sir,
    iam very sorry to inform whoever is concerned that the response from your end is pathetic..past 5 days i ve been trying to reach through 26401100&26401111 and 02026401356 however no one picked up. Also today is 07 apr and my salary has not been uploaded.As officer of indian army i sweat day and night to give my best to the organisation as well as to the nation but when it comes to salary you people care nothing which include unnecessary return of our well deserved claims.

    thanking u

    an officer with a broken heart.

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    Rating: 3.5/5 (2 votes cast)
  9. aswathy says:

    unable to logon since a month. please do the needful

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    Rating: 1.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  10. Capt GB Yogarani says:

    Unable to log in since a month.please do the needful

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    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  11. Lt Col Simanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay says:

    Pers.No-SL3220P. CDA(O)A/C No-164412X.
    I forwarded requisite details to Mr M. R. Burde,SAO,PCDAO,Pune on 08 October 2014 for payment of Rank Pay arrears wef. 01-01-1996. Remittance has not yet been made to my banker. I wish to know how much time it may take for issue of LPC & payment of arrears.

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  12. Maj Harsverdhan says:

    I am posted in HAA and not getting my CFAA since Dec 2013. I have already sent DO-IIs two-three times but no response from your office recd till date

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