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PayTixx: Pay Maine traffic ticket online

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Have you ever been caught violating the traffic rules in Maine? Then, here is a better way to stop committing that offence just by joining a Maine State Approved Traffic School. Your driving awareness and skill level is improved by taking a course from one of the best approved traffic schools. People who have received the traffic ticket for violating the rule can make their payment through an online service called PayTixx. It permits you to pay your fine and review your violation record 24 x7. All you have to do is just visit the official site of PayTixx and enter the ticket number found at the top of your ticket.

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PayTixx: Pay Maine traffic ticket online

PayTixx enables you to verify a court date and help you to pay the fines using your MasterCard, Discover and Visa. A third party who is in partnership with the State of Maine offers the PayTixx service to the people. If you have pending fine in any of the Maine’s courts, you can use this service. The amount which you pay is used to maintain, develop and improve the State’s official web portals such as Maine.gov and the online services of Maine.gov. The payment information will not be stored as it is conveyed through secure lines.

The system makes use of Secure Socket Layer Software that guarantees the privacy of personal and financial information like name, address and credit card number. To get your record, you require your driver’s license number or birth date and ticket number. According to the chief justice of Maine, Leigh Saufley, the service is a part of an ongoing attempt by the court to renew the court operation and make use of the technology. PayTixx has got a significant impact as the amount of Violation Bureau cases goes beyond 140,000. To pay the fine online, you need to pay $6.00 as the service fee.

The revenue collected by the Violations Bureau goes into the State General Fund which signifies around 43% of the total revenue of the Judicial Branch. The website contains information such as answers to the list of frequently asked questions on topics such as hearing dates, filling out a ticket, changing pleas, out-of-state or foreign residents, contesting tickets, inability to attend a hearing and more.

How to pay Maine traffic ticket?

There are four payment options such as online, phone, mail and in person.

Online – You can pay your traffic ticket online by visiting the site at www.paytixx.com. Payment can be done using MasterCard, Visa or Discover. You will be charged service fee of $6 for using this service.

Phone – You can make a call to the number (866) 729-8499 with the help of your Discover, Visa or MasterCard. You need to provide your citation number to continue with the payment. If you are making a call out of the state then dial (207) 512-5607.

Mail – You can send a check or money order, by using the self-addressed envelope with your citation number to: Violations Bureau, P.O. Box 480, Lewiston, Maine 04243-0480. Make sure to mail the ticket earlier to the 20-day limit as the Violations Bureau will go through the date received rather than the postmark date.

In Person – You can visit the Violations Bureau at 85 Park Street in Lewiston. Payment can be made at the public window from Monday to Friday at 9 to 3 p.m.

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