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MNDriveInfo.org – Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services info

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MNDriveInfo.org is an online destination of Minnesota Department of Public Safety – Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) where you can access and get Minnesota driver and vehicle services information. As well as driver education, driver’s license status, exam schedules, tax information, crash records report are procurable for people of State of Minnesota. Thus, access Mndriveinfo.org website and get Minnesota highway safety information online.

MNDriveInfo.org - Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services info

Minnesota Department of Public Safety:

As part of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Driver and Vehicle Services protect to citizens and communities by means of activities that help and support prevention, preparedness, response, recovery, education and enforcement. DVS department collects and manages electronic access data and this data is used and published for evaluating electronic government services and avoiding illegal intrusion into government electronic systems. The main aim of the Driver and Vehicle Services is to save lives, offer efficient and effective services, maintain public trust and develop strong partnerships.

DVS manages license and vehicle registration programs of Minnesota driver on behalf of Patricia McCormack. Its main works consist of driver’s license testing and issuance, driver safety compliance, motor vehicle title and registration, commercial vehicle registration, and auto dealer licensing and regulation.

Through helpful service alternatives, precise collection of data, fraud prevention, well-organized collection of state revenue, and worth information and technical support for staff and business partners, Driver and Vehicle Services provide services FAST (Fair, Accurate, Secure, Timely).


When you visit www.MNDriveInfo.org website, you can see main navigations displayed beautifully on snaky road. Its main accessible navigations include ‘Vehicle Services’, ‘DL Status’, ‘Driver Education’, ‘Driver’s License Service’, ‘Renew Tabs’, ‘Tax Info’, and ‘Exam Schedule.’ All specified links narrow down the important topics related to Minnesota Department of Public Safety that helps to get better beginner driver skills and to know about how to be a defensive driver. DVS news and resources are also provided for your kind information.

Vehicle Services:

Driver’s License Services and Vehicle Services are obtainable under ‘Vehicle Services’ navigation. From its Driver’s License Services, you can get DL Status, DL / Title Lookup, Schedule Road Test, Crash Record Report, and DVS Office Locations. To get all Driver’s License Services, you required the following things:

  • To get record of DL Status, you will be asked for your MN DL number (for example: A123456789012).
  • You can obtain DL (Driver’s License) Lookup Status by providing DL number and obtain Title Lookup Status by providing Plate or VIN.
  • Schedule of Road Test can be received after login with your Minnesota instruction permit, identification card or driver’s license number e.g., A123456789012 and date of birth.
  • At DVS Online Crash Report page, you will get complete Crash Report after providing as much details as possible about the vehicles and drivers involved in the crash, such as the date and time of the crash, and the county in which the crash took place. After adding this details, submit this crash report online where you do not require any paper work if you are Minnesota driver. During the making or viewing of your crash report, your Pop-up Blocker settings could get in the way with important messages. And if you do not have a Minnesota driver license, then submit your paper report.
  • From the DVS office locations link, you will get all DVS location with complete address, available services time and contact number available in the form of your diverse transactions such as renew or replace driver license and ID card; road test; knowledge test; driving record; vehicle including titles and renewals; prorate; and vehicle inspections. Here you will be also provided the Driver’s license exam stations holiday schedule for the current year.

Driver and Vehicle Services:

Vehicle Services insert Renew Tabs, Critical Habitat Plates, Renewal Status “Where are my Tabs?”, DL / Title Lookup, Dealership Lookup, Report of Sale, Change Motor Vehicle Address, Tax Info, Base Values, DVS Office Locations, and Crash Record Report.

For Renew Tabs and Critical Habitat Plates you require to follow the below steps at MNDriveInfo.org:

  • Login by entering your vehicle license plate number (e.g., AAA000) and last 3 digits of VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).
  • Provide wheelage tax information (Wheelage tax means one levied by a metropolitan county board of commissioners on qualifying vehicles kept in their county).
  • Then, confirm your registration information and if you select, purchase special plate from available selections.
  • Also confirm your purchase information.
  • Finish your financial transaction where you will be redirected to US Bank for this portion of the renewal.

Do you want to renew status of Driver and Vehicle? Follow the Renewal Status “Where are my Tabs?” link. Through four ways you can renew your status including Internet Renewal, Mail Renewal, Special Plate Purchase, and IRP Renewals. To get the status, enter your vehicle plate number and last 3 digits of VIN.

DL or Title Lookup is obtainable for getting Driver’s License and Title Lookup Status by entering DL number and Plate or VIN number.

To know about dealership status is valid or out of business, follow the Dealership Lookup link.

If your car was transferred or sold to an individual, donated, junked or totaled, then you have to submit a Report of sale. And if you purchased the vehicle, then to transfer ownership of the vehicle to a Dealer, you do not require submitting a report of sale.

Driver and Vehicle Services also include change motor vehicle address online where you can just change Motor Vehicle address; you can not change your driver license address. For changing driver license address, you have to go to a DLAgent office.

Motor vehicle registration tax paid status will be also collected after entering driver license number or plate number.

Through two means you can find base value of vehicle either entering the first 10 digits of VIN to get the specific vehicle or you may use the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) plus the destination charges as the base value, if no record is found.

Driver Education Information:

The online driver education information is on hand at MNDriveInfo.org that helps you during the Driver license exam. Driver Education Programs resources include commercial instructor information, driver’s education rule, road test checklist, and E-licensing initiative. The instructional classes and clinics addresses and contact details list is provided which consist of public or private high school driver education, home school driver education, commercial driving schools, DWI/DIC clinic courses, accident prevention courses, and moped courses.

Additionally, Minnesota driver’s manual, schedule a driver’s exam, graduated driver’s license, id/residency, farm work license, tips for parents, report to Minnesota legislature on internet-based driver education and office of traffic safety links are also presented for you.

License Plate Information:

Since 2008, Minnesota has utilized digital license plate technology to create the Critical Habitat Loon and Support Troops license plates. Ultimately, in Minnesota all license plates will be created by using the DLP system. A single plate is created for trailers, motorcycles, mopeds, dealer and dealer in transit vehicles to display on the back of the vehicle. For other vehicles such as cars, vans, pickups, trucks, and buses, double plate is created to display on the front and back of the vehicle.


Various kinds of forms are available in numerical or alphabetical order. The forms comprise Driver’s License Forms, Motor Vehicle Forms Dealer Forms, Motor Carrier/Prorate, and Records Forms, all can be collected in PDF file.

Source: MNDriveInfo.org

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3 User Reviews of "MNDriveInfo.org – Minnesota Driver & Vehicle Services info"
  1. S J Anderson says:

    Cannot find anything on the form “APPLICATION FOR DISABILITY PARKING CERTIFICATE” or most importantly, the rules for the use of the parking certificate. My husband was maimed in a surgery by Dr. David Kraker on Feb. 22, 2010. He walked in for the surgery and didn’t walk out! He has spent his time trying to get his leg back and going for countless appt’s, and therapy and missing out on life. This doctor was of no help. Even to filling out his part of the METRO MOBILITY paperwork. My husband has been “Captive” in our home, and spent the winter on one level with a hospital bed and a wheel chair. I as his caregiver did everything I was suppose to and ran countless errands to be sure he was getting everything he needed. His attempt to walk, only left him with increasingly severe back pain.
    He had to have a second surgery (the MRI showed his back to be a mess). He had a good surgeon this time and hopefully will be walking with more physical therapy and his walker.
    I was accosted by an Anoka County officer the other night because I apparently was breaking a rule – that I didn’t know about. This officer made a b-line for me, passing a couple in a car in a slot directly in front of me and closest to the officer. They were not in compliance either, as she exited the car, went in the direction of the store while he stayed there. (from rules I have recently asked for and received at the State Motor Vehicle Office-Coon Rapids).
    He already know my name as I turned the car off and lowered the window. The result, he confiscated our disability ticket and wrote me a citation.
    Anoka County must be really hard up to accost a senior citizen caregiver; So much for protect and serve and help.
    He could have easily asked me to move my car. But, that was never his intention. So, I have either been targeted and chosen as easy pray by the Anoka County Police. I hope this will buy them a lot of donuts. The only thing I have learned from this is that,
    -I asked for the rules (never received them the first time around)
    -our physical therapist waS incensed by this.
    -our nurse thought it was absolutely crazy (thankyou officer whocares)
    -the rules as I read them and discussed them with other senior citizens – thought they were incomprehensible, and as stated, they said they have been breaking them all the time, especially in winter and during bad weather, if and when they have to go out.
    You need to make those rules readily available ————-
    and then be prepared for the senior backlash to rewrite these arcane, unusable, incomprehensible mess of words apparently written by someone who knows nothing about the needs of those who have need for care or caregivers.

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  2. Abubacarr Gibba says:

    I would like to know where can I do permit test.

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  3. SBovie says:


    This is the link to find the MN Disability Parking permit application form for S J Anderson, above.

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