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IndiaVotes.com – Online Database of Indian Election History

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IndiaVotes.com is a great place for all those interested in Indian politics, since this site has one of the largest databases on Indian elections. It is an excellent online portal that allows user to easily analyze the information regarding elections in the country. This site provides the results of all Lok Sabha elections held since 1952, and the results of all Vidhan Sabha elections held in India since 1977. Besides this, IndiaVotes has gathered data on more than two hundred national as well as state elections held across the country.

IndiaVotes.com - Online Database of Indian Election History

IndiaVotes.com, which launched by a Mumbai-based media and technology company Niti Digital , has a very simple and user-friendly interface. The best part of this website is that the election database is easily searchable. You can directly search for data from Lok Sabha elections or Vidhan Sabha elections by choosing some factors such as Election Year, Constituency name, State, Candidate name, and Party name. The search results are categorized based on PC/AC name (i.e. name of the Lok Sabha Constituency or Vidhan Sabha Constituency), state, type, winning candidate, name of the party, number of electors, number of voters, turnout percentage, and margin percentage. Moreover, the data is interconnected which means you can also view information on constituencies over the years, performance of a particular political parties, etc.

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It is not at all compulsory to fill up all the options while searching but remember that the resulting data will be more particular according to the depth of parameters you choose. For example, if you just choose the year in ‘Lok Sabha elections’ section, the website will provide you with whole set of information regarding each constituency election held in that year including the person’s name who won, from which party he/she was, and the margins along with the percentage margin. No matter whatever your query is, the data is always comprehensive and includes colorful charts and graphs that are always a delight.

The most impressive and exciting part of this website is that it offers a map-based view of election results. In fact, it is the only website available on net where users can visualize the results of elections at the constituency level on maps. As of now, the map consists of Lok Sabha election results held since 1996 and assembly election results for the year 2004 and 2009 for all states. The company is also planning to integrate all election results on this map in coming days.

By simply hovering the mouse pointer over different districts and states, one can easily get all the vital information regarding the election held in that place such as PC/AC name, winning party, winner’s name, winning votes, runner up’s name, runner up party, runner up votes, total number of votes, margin, margin percentage, and turn out percentage. Furthermore, if you want to get more information on the party, then just click on the constituency and you’ll be taken to IndiaVotes election data site where you’ll get detailed information about that constituency.

What makes this map even more helpful is that each constituency has been color-coded to the winning party. This will eventually help you get a good idea about the reach of a particular political party at a glance.

Now, let’s take a look at how to navigate these Maps.

If you are looking for Parliamentary Election Maps, then simply select ‘PC’ from the dropdown box and subsequently select the election year. This will display the results of the Parliamentary Election for that year. You can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to Zoom In and Zoom Out of the map. Alternatively, you can also use the two + & – buttons given on the map for Zooming in and out. Similarly for Assembly Election results choose ‘AC’ from the dropdown list and then select a state and an election year from the respective drop down lists.

Now, if you want to search for results of a particular constituency then select the election type, state, year, and then type the name of that constituency in the ‘Search Constituency’ box. Furthermore, you can also filter the map information based on three factors – Party Win Margin, Party Loss Margin, and Close Contest. You can simply choose any one of these categories from the drop down box titled ‘Reports’.

For Win and Lose Margin report, you are required to specify & enter the margin in number of votes along with the party name. As soon as you enter information into these two fields, you’ll be provided with all election results on the map for that particular party won or lost by margin greater than the number of votes that you have entered. However, remember that Margin Loss report would consider only those seats where the party is at second position. For instance, if you choose Party Loss Margin report for BJP and type 35000, it will display all those seats where BJP was at second position and loss margin was greater than 35000.

For Close Contest report, you just need to enter the party name. This particular report will show you all those elections where the candidates at 3rd position acquired more number of votes than the winning margin of the election.

In addition to map, IndiaVotes website has several innovative features that not only help users in better analysis of election results but also enhance their browsing experience. Pre Poll Alliances, Bye Election Results, Impact of Vote Share Swing, Party Performances, Browsing History, Filters, etc. are few such interesting features offered on IndiaVotes website. Above all, this election data site maintains a blog that regularly shares interesting analytics about the election data.


  • It has the largest database of elections data for India
  • It provides results of all Lok Sabha elections since 1952 and all Vidhan Sabha elections since 1977
  • The database is searchable by Election Year, State, Constituency name, Party, and Candidate name.
  • It has a simple and neat interface
  • Offer map-based view of election results
  • Offer several features like Impact of Vote Share Swing, Party Performances, Browsing History, and more
  • No registration is required
  • Absolutely free to use

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