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IDES.illinois.gov: IDES Illinois website for Employment Security

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The Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) is an employment agency which is being run by the government of Illinois for its citizens. It offers number of useful tools and resources for both job seekers and employers. At present, the department operates around seventy offices and employment centers statewide. The major helpful services that are being provided by the IDES department includes Unemployment Insurance, Job Development Services, Recruitment of Job Seekers, Seminars and Job Search Workshops, Veterans Employment Service, Hire the Future, Re-entry Employment Services Program, Work Opportunity Tax Credit, etc. Moreover, the Illinois citizens can get benefits of all these services right from the comfort of their home or office. Simply, visit the IDES’s official website, www.IDES.illinois.gov.

IDES.illinois.gov: IDES Illinois website for Employment Security

IDES.illinois.gov is a very well organized site. Its user-friendly interface makes it extremely easy for the users to navigate directly to the services they desire. One of the most useful features of the site is that it supports enhanced language translation services that make the content of the site much more accessible to all individuals and businesses. This service will help the users to accomplish their goals more quickly and thus help the Department work more efficiently. You can access the website in any one of the four languages that are most frequently requested – Spanish, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Russian. Other translations can also be met upon requests. The translator button is located at the upper-right corner of the home page.

If you are visiting the site to accomplish an important goal such as, to file an unemployment claim, to certify for unemployment benefits, to find a job/employee, or if you are a veteran and looking for a job, then you can easily carry out these tasks within few minutes. Right at the homepage you will get separate direct links to above mentioned services. As soon as you click on a particular link, you will get complete information about that service. Plus, you will be provided with respective links, using that you can access and reap benefits from that service.

The home page of the site also includes colored tabs on the top. There are five tabs and they are actually dividing the whole content of the site into different categories, namely ‘Individuals’, ‘Employers’, ‘Workforce Partners’, ‘Tools & Resources’ and ‘About IDES’. Moreover, each of the categories is further divided into various sub-categories, so that the users can get access to a specific service easily and quickly. The most helpful and popular service provided by IDES is undoubtedly the unemployment insurance program, which ensures that you get some income when you are temporarily or permanently out of a job. This means, if you meet all the eligibility requirements of the law, the government will give you an income while you look around for a job, but only for a period of maximum 25 full weeks in a one-year period.

The official website of IDES makes it extremely easy for skilled job seekers to find employment. When you click on the ‘Search for Job’ link, you will be directed to Illinoisjoblink.com, the revamped IDES employment website. The site is an amazing platform where job seekers and ready-to-hire employers meet. IDES.illinois.gov site also provide online job resources using which you can find out what careers actually matches your skills and interests. Thus, this absolutely free career resource allows individuals to make multiple resumes that highlight different talents. This in turn also helps the business owners to hire a person depending on their skills. You can do a quick job search and start applying for jobs right now, the only thing you are required to do is create an account which is absolutely free.

Under the section of ‘Tools & Resources’, there is an option called Office Locator with the help of it you can easily find an IDES office or Illinois workNet Center near you by simply providing your Zip Code. Language translation services, ability to download businesses seminars, subscription options, job training classes, inclusion of hiring events to an individual’s personal calendar, social media links, and instructional videos, all of them have contributed in improving the website’s usability. For answers to common questions, you can visit the FAQ page.


  • The site is Illinois Government’s official website of IDES (Illinois Department of Employment Security)
  • It is a well organized site
  • Equally beneficial for both job seekers as well as employers
  • It supports enhanced language translation services
  • Finding a right job has never been so easy and similarly finding a right person for a job is very much easy
  • Provide instructional videos
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