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Hptax.gov.in: A Portal to Pay VAT & Excise in Himachal Pradesh

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Whether you want to pay VAT or Excise Duty in Himachal Pradesh, now no need to visit the Excise and Taxation Department, instead do it online through himachal pradesh excise & taxation department website, Hptax.gov.in.

Government needs revenues to carry on with its responsibilities and to function effectively, and these revenues are generated via direct and indirect taxes. Income tax is a direct tax while VAT & Excise duty, are both indirect taxes that form a bulk of the revenues generated by the government. There are several categories of items on which VAT and excise are applicable, in general however these two differ from each other – VAT is a tax levied on consumption of goods while Excise is a tax levied on the manufacture of goods. If you are staying in Himachal Pradesh and want to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) and Excise, then just head over to the website Hptax.gov.in.

himachal pradesh excise & taxation department website Hptax.gov.in

Excise and Taxation Department plays a major role in the fiscal structure of government of Himachal Pradesh, and it collects the main revenue in the state in the form of different levies like Fee, Taxes, Duties, and more, under different enactments being enforced by the department. Dealers are able to file a normal return and make payment online rather than going manually at the Excise and Taxation Department to file a return.

How to pay VAT online?

Registration is needed to get started the use of the website Hptax.gov.in. So, click on the link ‘New User? SignUp’, given on the left side of the homepage. Select Tax Type, enter TIN/License No., Date of Validity, and submit the form. You will get a page on which all your mentioned details during registration will be shown. Verify all the info and agree the terms and conditions. Once you submit, a message comes up “Do you comply with all the terms and conditions”, then click on “OK”.

One has to take print out of the form and then put their signature and seal at the proper place. You have to take the completed hard copy for Signup approval at the ETD Office, which will then tell the Admin of the portal to approve the user. And once you are approved, you will get your login credentials in mail. When you login for first time with Login Id (TIN No.) and Password provided at the time of registering, you will be asked to change the password. Once you do it, you will get a message of successful password change.

Login process:

On the left side of the homepage of portal, enter Login id – Numeric Alphanumeric and the password that you gave at the time of sign-up. Then give the answer of mathematical expression, and press ‘Login’ button.

If you enter the correct details then you will be logged in successfully. You are allowed for number of e-payment – choose e-payment link in e-payment column. Then click on “VAT e-Payment” link, options to make payment under VAT will be shown. Press the VAT link, give values for Payment Period, Payment Quarter, Tax Period from and to, Purpose for Challan and Amount against each purpose. One can choose a bank from the list of banks through which he wants to make the electronic payment. Once you fill up the Challan form for e-Payment, press the “Confirm” button. You need to verify all the details that you gave in the Challan form. If you want to do any change, hit on “Back” button or else hit on “Submit” button. Then you will be redirected to the bank’s web portal, which dealer has chosen earlier. You need to log on to the bank’s portal using your Internet Banking Id and Password given by the bank. 

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Contact details:

Excise & Taxation Department,
Government of Himachal Pradesh,
B-30, SDA Complex, Kasumpti,
Shimla, 171009.

Phone Numbers: (0177) 2621264/7 & 8
Tel. Fax: (0177) 2621835
Fax: (0177) 2621165
Toll Free: 1800-180-8066.

Source: hptax.gov.in

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