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Apps.nic.in – e-Gov Appstore from Indian Government

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Indian Government has recently launched its own pilot app store called “eGov App Store” in order to step up delivery of e-services. Through NIC (National Informatics Centre), Department of Electronic and Information Technology (DeitY) has developed, designed and hosted this e-Gov Appstore, which will bring useful efficiencies in the government and facilitate citizen to get services in more rationalized manner. This app store has been created for a range of government agencies & departments at the Centre/State so they can apply them at their premises without investing so much effort. Also, this will save a lot of funds for different departments because they will not require developing such applications themselves. Check out the full list of apps offered at e-Gov Appstore from Indian Government on the website – Apps.nic.in.

Apps.nic.in - e-Gov Appstore from Indian Government

Their main purpose is to produce an ordinary repository of apps, components and web services that can be utilized by all government agencies as well as departments. In addition, the apps, which can be simulated across central and state levels, will be hosted on cloud for straightforward access. Similar to other app stores, the e-Gov app store allows you to share and search for apps, and even popular apps are listed. Moreover, details related to apps like Public distribution system, e-hospital, e-office, etc. are mentioned. It even gives basic details regarding an app on selection and lets you to provide feedback and rate an app. It has a two-level approval procedure in order to contribute apps and just authenticated users are able to download the apps.

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In the IT Agenda 2013, this app store was announced, and it seems that by the end of 2013 it will have 75 live apps. As per agenda, a mobile payment gateway as well as a mobile wallet service will be developed too. Currently, there are 29 items available including 20 Applications, 8 Components and 1 Web Service along with an option of filter search on the basis of application type, application category, and state. These apps are as follows: 15 apps from Delhi, 6 from Tamil Nadu, 2 each from Haryana and Maharashtra, and 1 each from Tripura, Punjab, Gujarat and Kerala. These applications are sourced from 8 States and Union Territories to deliver a range of G2C (government to customer)/G2B (government to business) services. A keyword-based search box on the site helps you to search for your chosen apps.

Applications that are in high demand will be productized and presented on the eGov AppStore to be used as SaaS in the future. These apps will be offered without any charge and it will be hosted on the National Cloud. General components such as the payment gateway, messaging platform, MIS reporting, and more, will be also accessible in the eGov AppStore.

To check the full list of applications available, you have to click on APPS menu on the homepage. Then, you are able to see all the published applications in the eGov AppStore – press on any particular app listing to browse through more details about the app such as release date, services presented by the app, app status and implementation status across different ministries and states. Furthermore, the app listing provides links to demo websites to see how the app works also gives information on the software setting that necessary to run the app. After that, one can login to the website and contact the app developer to obtain the app code base and database, which can be afterward arranged on their own surroundings. Bayesian Rating (BR) method is used by eGov Apps Portal to find out which datasets are the highest ranked.

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