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Menupages.com – Rating & Reviews of New York City Restaurants

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Www.menupages.com is the official website of Menu Pages, which provides all necessary tools to help you know more about restaurants and their food for free.

Menupages.com - Rating & Reviews of New York City Restaurants

Menupages provides the latest information and menus for nearly 30,000 restaurants in eight major markets. This website was created in 2002.

In order to make the search of restaurant easier, the website is divided in different categories of New York restaurants, so that, users can search by type of cuisine, neighborhood or by areas of New York City. Users will also be able to check the list of restaurants in the city. Finally, they will be able to search for restaurants by zip code, restaurant name and food they want to eat. All the tools are created focusing in helping them to make a wise and easy decision as to where to go for dinner next time they go out. Goal of Menu Pages is to ensure the website is as easy to use as possible.

Home page of www.menupages.com contains an alphabetical listing of cuisines of all Manhattan New York hotels like Chinese, Spanish, Afghan, etc. apart from neighborhood such as West, Lower East, and Chinatown etc. Users can get reviews of restaurants and many other useful facts such as timings of restaurants that are open 24 hours or food delivery options. Members of Menu Pages get various benefits and to become a member, registration is necessary so users have to go for registration, which is free and easy. MenuPages App Hits the App Store this year, iPhone/iPod touch is provided to check out the menu, first, whip out your iPhone or iPod touch and take a look at MenuPages. The app, and the web site itself, cover a few cities right now such as San Francisco, Boston, LA, Philly, Chicago, New York City, and Washington, DC. There’s also a section for South Florida that serves up listings on Florida’s east coast and the Keys.

If restaurants want to list their menu at website then they must meet two requirements. There is no cost to list menu on the website.

  • They must be a restaurant whose address is located within one of the areas covered on the site
  • They must be able to provide a valid menu from their restaurant. In other words, at website, hand-written menus are not accepted.

This is the best and easiest way to introduce the restaurant to millions of hungry consumers so your menu information is accepted in a variety of ways. Menu Pages accepts the new or updated menu information, which is listed in order of its preference.

  • Register the Restaurant on MenuPages.com: Users can use the register form for restaurants to send all of their restaurant information and upload their menus.
  • E-Mail their Website and Menus: If users have a website that includes up-to-date menu information simply shoot an email with website address. Use the contact information in the left-column to find the email address for city. If they have their menu in a file, like a Microsoft Word document or PDF, they can email to also www.menupages.com. Select the correct email address from the left-column on this page.
  • Fax Menus at MenuPages.com: Make sure a cover sheet with the contact information is included in case there is a transmission problem. Use the contact information in the left-column to find the fax number(s) for city.

When submitting your restaurant and menu information, always remember to include the following information:

  • Restaurant Name
  • Address including zip code
  • Phone number(s)
  • Type of cuisine
  • Business Hours
  • Other General Comments (Free Delivery, Credit Cards, etc.)
  • Contact Name of user
  • E-Mail Address
  • Fax
  • Cross Street
  • Website
  • Minimum Delivery Amount
  • Delivery Area

Source: www.menupages.com

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    I’m spsurired that Five Guys made your list. My BIL is allergic to peanuts so we keep an eye on my nephews as the oldest currently has a mild reaction to them. Anyway – Five Guys has peanuts everywhere and my nephew will try to sneak them in if he can. Good food, though!! -greta

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