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TimesCity.com: Food Search Engine & Indian Restaurants, Bars & Club review

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At Timescity.com, users can share reviews, recommendations and ratings about on Indian restaurant, bars and club in their city. TimesCity.com is interactive new portal which provides geo-targeted, community-focused news and information and predicts an interactive transaction platform as well. The TimesCity.com is launched by Times Internet Limited. It offers multiple access points, including a mobile interface, an online search feature, maps and facebook connect.

TimesCity.com: Food Search Engine & Indian Restaurants, Bars & Club review

With this site, India’s leading media corporation makes a raid into the LBS (Local business search) segment, leveraging its expertise in the already recognized business of Times Guides in which it is the undisputed market leader. It edges with detailed information on local organization and is an ground-breaking entrée into all that’s hip and happening in eight Indian metros, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad.

TimesCity gives a chance to know about all cities local news, also catch up on city events with guides and directories and reap the best bargains with exclusive deals and discounts. Users can get city-specific food and nightlife information including editorial reviews and recommendations from experts, besides menus and prices, maps and supplementary information on modes of payment and support facilities.

Rishi Khiani, CEO of TIL described TimesCity.com as “an innovative approach combining user feedback, expert opinions and interactive applications to build a growing resource of city-specific, even area-specific, data.”

About TimesCity.com:

When you visit the timescity.com, first select a city what you want and you will get top four navigation restaurants, bars & clubs, localities and events, stories and articles. From this navigation you will search information about restaurants foods, bars facilities like dance, night club, nightclub, lounge, drinks, bar and get locations, etc.

TimesCity.com main page is divided in three parts. On left side part, they provide recent reviews about restaurant, bars and any events and on middle part, they provide restaurant list. Users will find the restaurant and bars places direct from “search for a place” which situated third part of the site. From where, they will also finds their favorite food dish.

At right side, users explore restaurants, bars and clubs details and exact under it they will get one new facilities which is described with the name of “where to eat now”, where select locality and get place details for breakfast, lunch, evening bite and dinner detail.

At bottom of the site, TimesCity.com provides some quick links for Best Restaurants, Best Bars & Clubs, Full list of Restaurants, Full list of Bars & Clubs, Quick Bites, Awarded Restaurants and Awarded Bars & Clubs. Users will get contact details about TimesCity.

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