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Tablewalla.com – Online Restaurant Reservation for India

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We all love to enjoy tasty foods with friends and family at restaurants. But in today’s hectic and busy life, we cannot afford to wait in a queue at a restaurant just for a table. So, booking table in advance is a good way to make the task of dining simple and trouble-free. Advance booking also provides peace of mind and assurance that you will get the table immediately when you arrive at restaurant. No need to search the number of the restaurant online or in the Yellow Pages in order to reserve a table in advance. You can easily book a table for lunch, corporate events dinner, business meetings, luncheons with your colleagues, special events, etc. online at Tablewalla.com similar to booking a hotel or an airline.

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Tablewalla.com - Online Restaurant Reservation for India

Tablewalla.com is a restaurant booking service for India that has been launched recently in beta. Nisha Khanna has founded this site in early 2012. The site goes live only in Delhi and Mumbai as it is in beta. It is the first multi-city, online restaurant reservation portal in India. At Tablewalla, users can quickly and easily book table at the most highly-rated and popular restaurants in few clicks without making a call. The site offers updates regarding restaurant news, exclusive events, etc. as well as back-end solutions for restaurants.

Users are required to register with the site to book a table at their favorite restaurant. The registration process is very simple and takes few minutes. At present, the site accepts the booking for 13 restaurants but the number of the restaurants will increase up to 100 later. Users can search a restaurant by area, cuisine or its name and reserve a table in just one click for maximum 10 people. To reserve a table, you will be provided specific time slots that may change according to the restaurant.

Users can also view restaurant’s address, contact details, photos and description on the site. As of now, the site charges commissions from the restaurants for every reservation but later on it will start charging a listing fee from them. As the site is yet to be launched, there are no menus of the restaurant, Facebook connect, ability to choose the table of your choice and rating system. All these features will be added shortly and online ads and marketing will be also started. The site will also let the users to cancel booking within the website soon.

When you visit the site, you can see a notice the “table bookings coming soon”. Currently, you can only register yourself with site and view & read the blogs regarding new restaurants, events, chefs in town, recipes and other things related with food. You can also connect with tablewalla on Facebook and Twitter.

Good points:

  • Saves time
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Make the task of dining simple and trouble-free
  • Allows users to search restaurant by area, cuisine or its name
  • Users can reserve a table from the comfort of the home without making a call
  • Provides updates about restaurant news, exclusive events and much more

Bad points:

  • Registration is compulsory
  • Users can book a table for maximum 10 people

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