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Chinafood.it: A blog for Chinese Foods & Diet

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Enjoy Real…. Chinese foods from any corner of the world with an easy to cook recipes of chinafood.it! Perhaps, your local Chinese restaurants are unable to give you that real taste of authentic Chinese dishes but Chinafood.it is here to offer you many of Chinese foods and recipes with images of cooked dishes and videos of recipes being cooked. Actually, Chinese food is pretty healthy to eat since it emphasizes more on vegetables and utilizes a lot of seafood and lean poultry in place of cheese, which is much higher in calories. But today there are many who would not follow original versions for cooking Chinese dishes, accordingly such dishes become worse for you than pizza or fast food. Thanks to Chinafood.it, a wholesome Chinese site help you to guide for many of the Real, Healthy and Easy to cook Chinese foods.

Chinafood.it: A blog for Chinese Foods & Diet

Chinese people constantly try to decorate their tables with dishes for all tastes by using almost everything whether they are vegetarian or non-vegetarian in terms. Another plus point about Chinese cooking is that it mostly contains fat free dishes that are healthy and fulfilling as well as supply abundant nutrition to improve overall health and reduce risk for obesity.

Unfortunately, the way which usually followed by local Chinese food restaurant is not proper because it is not a kind of real version and might harm to your health unexpectedly. Don’t forget that – Where there is a Will, there is always a way – means if you are ready to cook then Chinafood.it make it very easy for you by providing entire information about how to prepare Real Chinese foods at your own home.

Complete solution for preparing Chinese foods at your own home is available at Chinafood.it and pleasingly all those useful things organized in a simple way. All main sections like recipe section, image section, video section or news section are easily available on the site page, just click on it and access whichever you want.

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People who are looking for interesting vegetarian recipes might get more pleasure at the site because here they find the list of recipes focus on vegetarian or balanced diet. Beyond this, Chinafood.it is also good for those who want to practice dishes with different types of ingredients like chicken, pork, sea animals or pasta at home. Thus, there are series of Chinese food recipes on this site to prepare your full meal. This extensive range of recipes heavily inspire cooking learner in creating new dishes too. Search option of the site also helps you to make your work easier by providing the direct access to the searchable recipe.

As we said earlier that vegetarian food is great specialty about the site, each vegetarian title inform you about what that dish includes and also report whether it is convenient for a vegetarian diet or not. Meanwhile, you can get an idea as well as advantages about each of those recipes for your metabolism. Pleasingly, every recipe available on the site comes with easy and comprehensive preparation process.

Seeing things done visually make you understand more than reading the same so Chinafood.it offers you the separate page for videos of recipes being cooked. Not only this, but all those videos come with background images of ingredients and the cooking process used in playing recipe. This works great for those people whom it is hard to remember the steps of a recipe just by reading it.

Tempting images of “Chinese Food Images” section may convince you very easily for preparing those dishes. In case you are hungry, it might be hard for you to control yourself from cooking such appetizing and spicy images of Chinese Food. Moreover, if you are interested to know what’s new in Chinese cooking world then you can be delighted with the page called “About China” with many articles on all varieties of Chinese cooking news.

If you are heavily interested in activity of cooking Chinese food, then Cookbook Store might help you to enjoy your hobby by making it possible for you to add them to your shopping cart effortlessly with a direct screen of Chinafood. All available titles can be also found at Amazon.com but Chinese Cookbook Store which is part of this recipe site is purposely designed to help users in forming a good library for great Chinese recipes.

Nothing to worry, if you do not know even ‘c’ of Chinese cooking, just make your practice with the great guidance of Chinafood. It will improve your cooking level. Recipes offered on the site are not only delicious but healthy too and more importantly easy and quick with supportive text, images, videos and cookbooks. Now with Chinafood.it, there is no chance of excuse at all, just find your apron, utensils and kitchen lights and get ready to prepare real, delicious and hygienic Chinese dishes…


  • Offer varieties of real and healthy Chinese food and recipes
  • View images for cooked dishes
  • Videos for recipes being cooked to make you more clear about recipe process and ingredients
  • Main sections can be accessed with a click only
  • Majority of recipes focus on vegetarian or balanced diet
  • Search option offers direct access to the particular recipe
  • Offer recipes based on different types of ingredients like chicken, pork, sea animals or pasta
  • Each vegetarian title comes with details of its health benefits
  • Easy, quick and comprehensive preparation process for each recipe
  • Get acquainted with Chinese cooking world news at “About China” page
  • Chinese Cookbook Store helps in collecting Chinese recipe books


  • Still, need to add some more recipes at the collection

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