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chefinyou.com – Easy Vegetarian Recipes

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Chefinyou.com is the official website of Chef In You, an online recipe guide with easy cooking instructions and pictures for every step to make vegetarian food. It is 104,980th most visited website on the internet. Chefinyou.com was formed in 29 December 2008. Chefinyou.com is situated in United States and its official language is English.

chefinyou.com – Easy Vegetarian Recipes

“Chef In You” is a team of two, wife (D) and husband (K). The process of cores starts from scratch researching ingredients, buying organic foods, cooking a palatable meal, taste testing, presenting, making it come alive (photography), writing about the experience, making the ‘bites’ into ‘bytes’ with smooth transition and completing with most importantly eating. D and K do their thing in order to bring these chores to the table of customers. Each and every recipe is tried and tested in “Chef In You” kitchen.

Anyone can cook something due to cooking is an art but some have flame for it, though others achieve it with practice and patience. One need not go to a culinary school or become a Chef to cook something new or exotic. It is done with proper guidance and correct step by step instructions provided by different source, “Chef In You” is one of them. ChefInYou is a garden that is grown by duo with the help of a gardener. Everything like the concept, the design, the code and the content, i.e. the food, of this website is 100% biologically homegrown.

When users visit at chefinyou.com, they will see navigations such as “Home”, “Recipes”, “About”, “Gallery”, and “Contact”. They will also see options like “Healthy recipes”, “Under 15 Minutes”, “Vagan food”, and “How To’s”. At chefinyou.com, “most popular”, “Specific Diets”, “Healthy cookies” are also viewed by users. For quick search, there is a “search” option is available. “Like what you see?” the option is also available to get latest recipes through email. Users can see the list of latest recipes on the home page.

All recipes, at chefinyou.com, will be based on a diet consisting of Vegetables, Grains, and Dairy including Eggs. Low fat, kid friendly, Holiday/Festival recipes are available at chefinyou.com. Users will see different types of recipes at chefinyou.com under different categories:

  • Healthy Vegetarian Recipes
  • Vegan Recipes
  • Baked Goodies
  • Eggless Baking
  • Gluten Free Recipes
  • Wholegrain Recipes
  • Quick under 15 minute recipes
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