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Candyblog.net – All You Need to Know About Sweet Sensation

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Www.candyblog.net is the official website of Candy Blog, a collection of reviews of candies. Candy Blog includes information about candies such as its cost, size, where to find it, calories, photos and a basic rating. The rest is pretty much subjective impressions. Candy Blog also contains news stories, and profiles of candy shops and companies and the occasional tour. However, users can view a new candy review every weekday at official website of Candy Blog.

Candyblog.net – All You Need to Know About Sweet Sensation

Histories and nostalgia pieces are some other long-form projects, on which www.candyblog.net try to focus. Candy blog was started in April 2005 by Cybele May. Cybele May is a candy lover and has a broad range of knowledge about candy. Someone suggested him that he should start blogging about candy. He thought that he can share new things and experience other cultures by using blog so he started featuring on foreign candies. HopStudios.com made blog installation and design.

Cybele May is writer, photographer, editor and publisher of Candy Blog. A lovely company with great customer service, Nexcess.net hosts Candy Blog. Users can get experts reviews about candies such as Chocolates, licorice, mints, caramels, nuts & chews, just about everything from all corners from the world. Candy recipes are not included at this website.

Users can visit wwwcandyblog.net and enter their address to be forwarded to the candyblog.net/blog location. This is the easy way to express knowledge about candies without having to remember a long URL. At the home page, they can get information about candy ratings from inedible to superb, different candy types such as Carbonated, Compressed Dextrose, Chews, Chocolate, Cinnamon, andCoconut etc., brands like Boule, Brach’s, C. Howard Co., Brown & Haley, Cadbury, Caffarel, and Ce De Candies etc., and country.

Users can get information about different types of candies such as Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almond toffee, Sorini Maxipiu Assorted Chocolate Pralines, Coronado Paletas de Cajeta, Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Mints, Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla Caramels, Nestle KitKat SemiSweet & Bitter Almond, Starburst GummiBurst Flavor Duos, and Halva Luxus Lakritsi at Candy Blog.

Trader Joe’s dark chocolate almond toffee:

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate candies are available in two ounce pouches that are called Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Almond Toffee is crunchy toffee, filled with roasted California almonds, and covered in premium dark chocolate. A couple of properly scaled images of the candies are shown on its red package. The pieces of toffees are lovely, dark and glossy and contain a light buttery scent. Centers of the toffees are perfect, crunchy and buttery without being sticky or tacky. Its price is only $1.49.

Sorini Maxipiu Assorted Chocolate Pralines:

Sorini Maxipiu Assorted Chocolate Pralines is a package of mixed chocolates that are nicely packaged and easily distinguished. Sorini Maxipiu Assorted Chocolate Pralines are available in five varieties such as Cereali Arancia, Nocciola, Creme and Cocoa Beans. The package contains an inner paper-backed foil to keep candies free from getting scuffed. Arancia (Orange) is a dark chocolate piece, in which chocolate shell is thin but has a nice sheen and crisp snap. The center of chocolate is soft but not creamy and it is similar to a Frango.

Nocciola contains a milk chocolate shell with a darker hazelnut paste cream filling. A half of a hazelnut is present inside this chocolate and it is nutty and fresh. The Cereali is a big milk chocolate ball filled with crisped rice and a milk chocolate cream. Crème chocolate is a milk chocolate truffle. Center of the milk chocolate cream is soft. Cocoa Beans Crema Caffe contains dark chocolate shell that has a good taste, balanced with woody and coffee notes and a light fruity plum note. Price of Sorini Maxipiu Assorted Chocolate Pralines is only $6.99 for over a pound.

Coronado Paletas de Cajeta:

Cajeta is a Mexican specialty that is generally made with milk of goat. It is slowly boiled with sugar until it forms thick syrup. It is served like a spread or filling for other baked goods. Goat’s milk, sugar, corn syrup, sodium bicarbonate & potassium sorbate are the ingredients of Coronado Paletas de Cajeta. To create a more solid fudge-like candy, goat’s milk needs to simmer a little longer. Coronado Paletas de Cajeta is available in a few hard candies and lollipops. Caramel-like goo is used in other candies as a base. Caramel base is nicely mounted on a plastic stick to make a hard toffee type lollipop and sealed to keep them fresh.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Mints:

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Mints are a firm, crumbly fondant center that are flavored with peppermint and coated in a thin shell of dark (50%) chocolate with a crunchy candy shell. Cost of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Mints are $2.99 for 2.45 ounces and only $1.49 for 2 ounces.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla Caramels:

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla Caramels are Creamy vanilla caramels covered with premium dark chocolate. Two different kinds of vanilla such as the advertised Tahitian Vanilla (Vanilla tahitensis) and Bourbon Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) are ingredients of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Tahitian Vanilla Caramels. Shell of chocolate is thick and glossy with a snap upon biting. Center of the caramel is chewy and soft without being gooey.

Nestle KitKat SemiSweet & Bitter Almond:

Nestle KitKat SemiSweet & Bitter Almond is a mellow semi sweet chocolate version of the standard milk chocolate KitKat. It is a little sticky and contains a lot of flavor, a combination of strong woodsy flavors, a hint of coffee and prunes. Real dark chocolate (44% cacao), almond paste and almonds are ingredients of it.

Starburst GummiBurst Flavor Duos:

Starburst GummiBurst is a very rigid gummi disk filled with flavored syrup. Starburst GummiBurst Flavor Duos are the newest version of it. Strawberry-watermelon, cherry-fruit punch, green apple-strawberry and lemon-cherry are four flavor combinations that are filled in Duos in the place of gummi.

In lemon-cherry flavor, the outside is yellow along the edges and the red goo center prepared it look orange. In strawberry-watermelon flavor, outer strawberry gummi is quite tart and the gooey center of it is a throat-searing sweet and artificial watermelon flavor. In cherry-fruit punch flavor, the cherry gummi shell is sweet and tart without much cherry flavor but its center has only a slight difference in flavor.

Halva Luxus Lakritsi:

Halva Luxus Lakritsi tube filled with a cream, which is usually flavored. As per list of ingredients, it is sweet licorice. It also comes with two varieties another one is filled with a pastel cream that said Fruit. But the ingredients mentioned in it are cocoa, mint, coffee and toffee flavors. It is available over one pound, so the value of it is not too bad.

The future plans for Candy Blog:

It is expected that Cybele May will do more factory tours and more nostalgia/history postings. She would like to start a candy bookshelf and share her reviews of books on the topic of candy. She would like to develop a candy wiki and if there is a kind and talented programmer out there who would like to help her out with that, she would be grateful and motivated enough to send you some candy. She is planning on adding some community forums as well, so that conversations about candy can go on outside of the particular postings. She has been uncertain to add them as she knows that an empty forum can be pretty sad and desolate. She has some other fun things that she would love to do as well, like adding polls and maybe some quizzes. She has an interactive timeline in the works as well.

Source: http://www.candyblog.net

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