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Bigbite.in – Order Food Online from restaurants

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Smell or sight of delicious food makes our mouth watery!!!! We all know that very well…. thus to fill the stomach with delicious food, we make either visit or call restaurant or snacks parlor to place an order. When we have/had rough day at work and we are on our way to home in bumper-to-bumper traffic, the cooking comes first in our mind. In this matter, an easy and fast option of takeaway food can give great relief to a hard day at the office and a hellish ride home. Making food order through phone is being used by people for last few years. It is a convenient way to place food order, but sometimes it becomes awful when people have to call many times to check order status, know exact time for delivery, etc. But with the web service, you don’t need for all that pesky dialing or trying to discover phone number when you are hungry. Big bite is new name in the list of food ordering websites where customers can access numerous restaurants and their menus for placing an order from all over India.

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Bigbite.in - Order Food Online from restaurants

Ordering online is better than ordering by phone…. because you can make an order quickly without even getting up from your desk, as well save lots of time. Bigbite is the latest online food ordering website that founded in March 2012. It makes online ordering process very simple and seamless that not only permits customers access restaurant option, but also helps them in making the right pick though user reviews and ratings. The fastest growing startup, ‘Bigbite.in’ is partnered with approximately 600 restaurants to deliver food in Delhi-NCR Region. With the big-bite service, you don’t need to wait in queue when restaurant phones are busy. It also enables users to place advance orders. The website cannot be accessed from a mobile device, but in the future bigbite would think to create mobile site because lots of people that order online may want to do it from their mobile handsets.

You don’t require registration to place your order online, because it enables users to access restaurant details or place order with or without sign up. It helps you to pinpoint your search for food delivery as well to discover the food you are craving for!  Here, you can access restaurants and their menu just by entering delivery location. As soon as you enter your location detail, it brings you towards list of restaurants situated in your nearest area. The search result is filtered by restaurant and Cuisine. The restaurant page is presented with complete list of menus and reviews of the restaurants that are given by customers. It also gives information about minimum amount of order compulsory to be placed. All restaurants have diverse smallest amount order limit, so you must check out individual page of restaurant.

Each menu item on the restaurant page appears with + icon; just by clicking on it, you can see delivery charges or deducted tax detail as well add item into your shopping cart. To finalize order, you have to select at least 4 to 5 items, and then enter your personal details like your email address and password. In this stage, you can give your personal details through Facebook account. Once you have given your details, it will ask about delivery info like mobile number, address, landmark and location, and at last hit ‘Place Order’ button to complete the process.

Once big bite has received your order, it immediately transfers the order to restaurant through the latest communication technology. When restaurant confirms your order, you will be sent email or SMS with approximate time of delivery! After then, restaurant will deliver the order at your location. It uses Cash On Delivery option, so people become worry-free at the time of ordering. In case of delay order, you can contact at bigbite customer care center (011-42331598). Delivery time depends on the restaurant from where you have made order. You can also save your favorite order for future history.

It is not only best for people who want to enjoy delicious food, but also for restaurants to receive more and more order. Just by connecting with Bigbite, restaurant can increase revenues through online food delivery orders as well as advertise and marketing their food with low cost. Bigbite is best place for small restaurants to take online delivery services without spending money on creating a website or portal. The bigbite gets 10% on each order from restaurant.

Positive points:

  • Place your order for food online from any Indian restaurant
  • Over 600 participating restaurants in Delhi-NCR for placing order
  • Enables users to access restaurants and their menus just by entering location detail
  • Provides restaurant details with list of menus and reviews of the restaurant
  • You can filter search result by restaurant and Cuisine
  • Sends you email or SMS after receiving your order
  • Gives Cash On Delivery option
  • Best for small restaurants to get more revenues through online order
  • No holding lines on phone for placing your order
  • Save favorite orders and maintain order history
  • Extensive customer ratings

Negative points:

  • Order cannot be cancelled after restaurant has taken your order
  • Website cannot be accessed from a mobile device

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