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Zedge.net: download Free Ringtones, Themes, Wallpapers, Games for Mobile

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Now to download Free Ringtones, Themes, Wallpapers and Games for your Mobile is very easy at www.Zedge.net, which is the official website of Zedge. From this website, around 4.9 million items are shared by more than 17 million Zedge users world-wide.

www.Zedge.net: download Free Ringtones, Themes, Wallpapers, Games for Mobile

There are number of web applications, software and websites available on the web that provides mobile content absolutely free, the Zedge.net website is one of them. Zedge offers huge collection of free ringtones, themes, wallpapers and games for mobile phones. In the recent time, Zedge.net has about 15 million members all over the world.

If you are new user at www.Zedge.net, then register to download lots of entertainment on your mobile phone. For free sign up, provide your account and personal details like Username, Password, Gender, Email ID, Birth date, Country, your Phone name and model, etc. Once completed, you have to follow some instructions mentioned their too.

When you enter on the website, you will see five main navigations: Home, Download, Tools, Upload, and Community featured on the top of webpage, sign up and login on the right hand side, Just under the login section, phone selector section is given, where you have to select your mobile handset and then start fun with zedge.com.

The website has many different styles of cell-phone related stuff. You can find your favorite stuff for your mobile. If you like to download, then first make sure your handset is selected. There are numerous items available for free to download at Zedge.net. This includes Themes, Ringtones, Videos, Wallpapers, Games, TxTs, etc.

Today, Dreams, Couple In Beach, Jai Hind, Funny Thought, Pirate Style and Alone are the popular Free Themes of the website. You can browse various colorful Themes. In Ringtones, you can select from various categories such as Alternative, Blues, Bollywood, Children, Christian & Gospel, Classical, and Comedy, and more. The Videos, Wallpapers, SMS and Games are also available to download.

There are various tools available on www.Zedge.net, where you can express yourself and your phone. You can create your own free themes and ringtones by using tools at Zedge. Make your own mp3 ringtones, voicetones, backgrounds & themes and more.

Tools of Zedge.net

  • Ringtone Maker – This is a great tool, you can create ringtones with your favourite audio files. To make your ringtone, upload your favourite song then select/cut part of the song that you like.
  • Wallpaper Maker – There are number of options and creative’s available for making wallpapers so select effects, background and text to the wallpaper.
  • Voice Maker – By typing text and add music, sounds and effects, make voice ringtones. You can create ringtone in own voice and show off to others.
  • Theme Maker – Personalize your phone’s total look – backgrounds, ringtones, and menu icons.
  • Screensaver Maker – Make a cool screensaver from your own photos and add animated text.
  • Personalizer – Choose your own photo and resize the resolution to fit exactly your cell phone.

If you have some good ringtone and themes that you want to share with others, then you can upload it at Zedge.net and become a Zedge celebrity. By uploading, you will have simple experience and sharing fun. If you feel alone, then join their community that includes Teams, Groups, People, Forums, Mobile Chat, etc.

Downloading ringtones from Zedge is easy, but if you are non-members, then Zedge allows you to download only certain “featured free ringtones” that others have created. You have to sign up to download copyrighted material and to upload your own ringtones. Your cell phone bill will be charged an additional $9.99 each month, according to their 2010 terms of agreement. You can only download 30 items a day.

How to Download Ringtones from Zedge?

  • Visit www.Zedge.net website, where you have to choose whether you want to download their free ringtones, or known artists’ music as your ringtones.
  • Once you have selected, first sign up by entering your cell phone number.
  • For a text message, check your cell phone from “Thumbplay,” which includes a temporary password that you need to enter on the Zedge website for verification of your monthly fee payment.
  • Enter your password, then search for an artist or song and click “Download”.
  • For free ringtones, press on the “Play” button and listen.
  • Click on the “Get Ringtone” icon.
  • Then you have to decide whether you want the ringtone sent to your cell phone, or you want to download it directly to your computer.
  • Now, press the proper button.

Source: http://www.zedge.net

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