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TogetherVille.com: Social Networking For Children

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Now children can also join the social networking site. One of its first kind social networking website for kids is Togetherville. It was created by Mandeep Singh Dhillon, as he was hesitant to allow his son to loose on the open internet and was afraid of cyberbullying. It is made for the use of children, who are of age from six to ten. This site is total safe, and would not expose your child’s information to the entire world.

TogetherVille.com: Social Networking For Children

What is Togetherville?

Togetherville is a fun, safe social site where kids under 10 can play games, create art, and learn new things, with you and people you know and trust there to supervise. Child’s Togetherville account can only be created by their parents, or other trusted adults such as grandparents and other family members. On this site kids can play games, watch videos or even make projects. The aim of the Togetherville is to make online “neighborhoods” similar to real-life neighborhoods where children interact with each other and adults they know. Children can contact with other Togetherville members after selecting “quips,” text comments approved by Togetherville staff. This really decreases the chance of cyberbullying and misuse and get rids of the ability for a child to expose personal information other than what is already available on the service.

This free site has chat function but neither kid nor adults can type in text. As a parent, you will keep a controlled list of friends and also able to twist with through privacy settings so as to ensure that the experience is an edifying one from start to finish. Kids will be able to earn “badges,” designed to reinforce positive behavior on the site. Most of all activities are free on the site, later this summer the site will add “allowance” feature which will allow parents to offer their children real money to expend on games and other virtual goods.

Parents can login in to Togetherville by using their Facebook username and password and after then they can send their kids virtual gifts, review their activities on the site or look at virtual art they’ve created. This is the only way to get information about their child because Children’s information is never sent to Facebook. Parents can also select to let adults or teenage Facebook friends to interact with their child, but all of the interaction takes place on Togetherville, not on Facebook. Let’s check out what kinds of activities kinds can do at TogetherVille.

What Kids can do on Togetherville?

  • Play Games – Fun and educational games.
  • Create Artwork – Design logos, cards and collages to display on their profile or share with friends and family.
  • Watch Videos – Safe and age-appropriate Fun videos
  • Gifts – Kids can send gifts within Togetherville to grownups or others kids.
  • Badges – kids can earn “badges” for certain types of activities.
  • Allowance – kids can earn Togetherville allowance from adults to spend on virtual goods, games, and gifts.
  • Say “Hi!” – Drop-down text messages to express thoughts and feelings
  • And All these things are FREE !

Kids can register and become member and login via https://my.togetherville.com/login or Grownups can Sign In with their facebook account login credentials.

Source : togetherville.com

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