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Photovisi.com: Create Free Online Photo Collages

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Photovisi (www.Photovisi.com) is a free and easy to use online tool to create cool photo collages. Photovisi allows you to choose one of a myriad of templates, throw your images, and gather them into a digital collage.

Photovisi.com: Create Free Online Photo Collages

To create photo collages, Photovisi is a free and easy to use online tool. Choose one of the many collage templates, add your photos then customize by dragging items around. It is available for download and print after the collage is finished. The results are same to those of the collage-making feature built into Picasa (Create > Picture Collage), but it is an online service. By adding images to an online canvas, you can make your collage. When you add your images, without an upload, they show up on the canvas. Photovisi provides Facebook integration over Picasa. With an assortment of options for tweaking your collage to your liking, Photovisi is a surprisingly sophisticated collage maker. For groupings of pictures ranging from only a couple up to 30 pictures, Photovisi has eighteen collage templates.

You can shuffle their order and crop them after selecting the pictures. Some orders to the photos are on templates, Photovisi allows you to select which one will be the focus. From your computer, you can bulk upload images or pull photos from Flickr. A browser-based application, Photovisi allows you to take individual photographs and to create a compelling collage, use them. According to the number of photos that you want to blend together, this website will allow you to pick different configurations. The service of Photovisi is wholly free.

Features of www.Photovisi.com:

  • No registration and free.
  • Free photo collage creator online.
  • Create as many collages as you like.
  • Option to crop, replace or delete images while creating the collage.
  • Save created collage to your computer or forward to any emails address.
  • Upload images from your computer or Flickr.
  • Currently 18 collage templates are available.

Create Free Online Photo Collages:

For creating free online photo collages, visit at www.Photovisi.com. You can create free online photo collage by three steps such as select template, add photos and save and download/print. First of all you have to select a template, then add your photos from computer or webcam. After adding your photo, you have to save your photo/download. Before saving your photo, you can easily crop, replace and delete any image on the collage. For that you have to select a download resolution. Then click on “upload now” option and then click on “click here to download your collage” option. You will get your photo collage, and you can take a print of it. The collage photo can be downloaded on to your computer or forwarded to an email address after completion.

Source: http://www.photovisi.com

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