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Mayajaal.com – Online Movie ticket Booking Portal

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Www.mayajaal.com is the official website of Mayajaal Theatre, one of the biggest entertainment places in Chennai. Mayajaal Theater is famous as entertainment website for all age group people. Shops, bars and pubs, shopping malls and games such as pool, billiards and snooker, etc. are facilities available in this theater. At this theater, latest movies of different languages such as Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and many other are telecasted.

Mayajaal.com - Online Movie ticket Booking Portal

At Mayajaal Theater, different movie timings are available at different screen, due to it contains over eight auditoriums that show movies. For varied moods people, Mayajaal Theater provides different environment. It also provides good picture quality, comfortable seats, sound clarity, and also snacks like popcorns, hotdogs, nachos, burgers, and cold drinks in between the movie. People will need to do registration on this website for online booking at www.mayajaal.com. Movies from morning till night are offered by Mayajaal online booking to entertain people on all days of the week.

How to register at www.mayajaal.com?

New users can go for registration by clicking on “sign up” option. Enter information which is required, such as e-Mail id, first name, last name, password, confirm password, mobile number, and word verification. After accepting terms and conditions, click on “save” option. Existing users can sign in by entering their user name and password. For online booking at Mayajaal Theater, you can use your registration username and password. If you have forgotten your password then click on “forgot password” option and follow instructions.

How to book online ticket at www.mayajaal.com?

Visit www.mayajaal.com, click on “book ticket” option. Select a movie which you want to watch, select show date and show time then click on “book” option. After that, you can get full seat layout page, where you can select any seats, if tickets have not been booked. Also online payment is safe and easy at www.mayajaal.com. If you face any problem in payment option, then you can contact to Mayajaal Entertainment Limited. Tickets can be collected from ticket counter earlier than 1½ hour before and ½ hour after movie show time. However printout of this tickets or the mail along with valid photo ID proof of the person on this ticket is required for verification and security reason.

Contact at:

Mayajaal Entertainment
34 East Coast Road,
TamilNadu 603112
Contact no.: 91 44 27472860
E-Mail: customercare@mayajaal.com

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