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Share musical scraps with your friends with the help of Www.Chirkutonorkut.com. Now making your own Orkut Scrap Animations have been made fun & easier! You just need to enter your desired text & choose an animation style.

Www.Chirkutonorkut.com - Orkut Music & Animation Scraps

Your Scrap Animation will be automatically created and its code will be provided then you need to copy and paste the code to your friends’ scrapbooks. You can use Chirkutonorkut on social networking sites like Orkut, Hi5, Friendster, My Space and Facebook. Visit http://www.chirkutonorkut.com, choose the song you want to dedicate copy the HTML code and paste into the scrap field on social networking sites. Keep in mind that Orkut allows HTML codes only in friend’s scrapbook.

The greatest collection of bollywood music (songs) is available on ChirkutOnOrkut.com. If you want to check the safety of other web pages (entire website), paste a URL to your sitemap, for example http://www.chirkutonorkut.com/sitemap.xml because they check the safety of the chirkutonorkut.com main page only. Ensure that the sitemap file exists and has xml or txt extension (i.e. http://www.chirkutonorkut.com/sitemap.xml or http://www.chirkutonorkut.com/yoursitemap01.txt).

On the site, this is not download-able video and songs on chirkutonorkut.com only play online songs/videos on Orkut and other blogs. Chirkutonorkut.com is No. 61919 website in the world.

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  1. Bappu says:

    I Want Music Scrap

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  2. sahil says:

    i want justin scrap

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  3. srinivas says:

    i want music scrap

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  4. pooja parihar says:


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  5. avinash says:

    i wana musical scrap

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  6. sakshi says:

    i wana new and rocking musical scrap

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