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Videolean.com: Create quick video to represent data in effective way

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Create explainer video of events, promos, blogger, ecommerce, book, etc without video-editing skills in a just a minute through new online platform “Videolean.com”.

Videos are not only source of entertainment and information, but also new channel for marketing products. According to a potential survey, 52% consumers prefer product videos to be more confident about their purchases. There are numerous ways to market a business, but marketing through online videos is considered as an effective way to make a product widely known to its target consumers. The reason behind video marketing popularity is that it is easier to “view” than to read or even “hear” a message. Explainer videos have become more popular to identify exactly what a company does in just a few short minutes. Now, you can create your own explainer video in just a minute from latest online platform “Videolean.com”. At here, you can explain what’s your startup about through templates video. You don’t required video-editing skills to create quick video to represent data in effective way. With Videolean, anyone can create video for Startups, promos, events, SEO, bloggers, ecommerce, CV, community managers, iPhone apps, etc.

Create explainer video with videolean

Now, you don’t need professional equipment to create explainer video because Videolean gives ability to create explainer video online… Since 2010, VideoLean is trying to democratize the video marketing by providing fast, affordable and effective tool, where any one can customize their template videos in less than 5. It is one of the best sites to communicate with the video in your product presentations, startups, e-commerce store, online contests, events, bloggers, community managers, marketing agencies, SMEs, etc.

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If you want to present your product, app or service in an engaging and fresh way for capturing attention of audience, then videolean is the best solution for it. At here, you can create tempted videos quickly and inexpensively without film-making knowhow. Beginnings are always so difficult, especially when you are attempting to create new project. Explainer videos are one of the best ways for businesses to engage potential customers online. It introduces and creates interest in a company or product by explaining why it exits and describing the company/product’s solution. Impactful explainer videos mesh with your brand strategy and online presence. By creating explainer video through Videolean, company can get benefits like grab more attention, increase conversion, compelling elevator pitch, greater share ability, up their rank in Google Search, etc.

It is best way to grow your business by creating videos in minutes. Using this innovative platform, you can create video of mobile apps, events, news, video promotion, e-commerce, curriculum, intro, real state, book, restaurant, etc. Design and interface of the site is very simple and intuitive; few easy steps give ability to create explainer video online.

Registration must be required for creating a video. It can be made through either creating an account or connecting facebook account. If you are connecting with the site by creating a new account, then you must confirm your account detail by opening confirmation link through your email address. As soon as you verify account, you will be able to create your explainer video at Videolean.

After completing all process of registration, login in the site and select video type from top menu. As soon as you select video templates from wide variety of templates: startups, crowd funding, CV, restaurants, etc. It will display the video regarding those categories. Open appropriate video that perfectly suits to your need. Each video on the site presented with “make your video link”, open it and follow simple 6 steps to achieve your goal.

In the first step, upload the image that you want to add in to your template video and write “intro to the problem that your business solves”. There are two options – gallery and browse to upload your image. Through browse option, you can upload those images that are stored in your computer, facebook, Google drive. Drop box, box, sky drive, Picasa, Instagram, flickr, Gmail, link, webpages, etc. You can drag your image file directly in to file box. From the gallery section, you can upload image icon in to your template video. It gives photo editor option like enhance, effects, frames, stickers, crop, resize, orientation, focus, brightness, contrast, etc to make a changes in to your uploaded image. As per your requirement, do changes and save it.

In the second step, upload images and describe first, second and third problem and hit save and next step. On the next page, insert logo. To get best result logo should be in rectangular shape and 600px width in size. After that, enter your tagline, benefits, conclusion with appropriate images to follow ahead process. Creator can add either electronic or instrumental sound in to their video. Now, your video is ready for preview, see it and make changes if it is required.

You can share preview on facebook, twitter or Google+ as well as in email through link. At last give appropriate to your video and select language and access type. If you want to get explainer video in HD Quality, then you have to pay $39 for it.


  • No required video editing skills
  • Create quick video to represent data
  • Upload image through computer or gallery
  • Gives photo editor tools for images
  • Share video preview on social media network
  • Add electronic and instrument sound effect in video


  • Login or registration necessary
  • Provide HD quality video at the price of $39

Videolean tutorial video from YouTube:

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