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Videobam.com: Host and Share Video Quickly

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VideoBam is a very nice service for video hosting and it is totally free for you. You can use this service to upload and share videos anywhere; Facebook, Twitter, forums, blogs, Craigslist, Myspace, eBay, and more. It is a fast, free, and easy service. You can upload unlimited videos. This service supports almost all popular video formats; .mp4, .avi, .mov, .m4v, .mpg, .wmv, .mpeg and more. You can upload the file having size up to 500 MB.

Videobam.com: Host and Share Video Quickly

You can create short sample clip of uploaded video for promotional purposes by the use of teaser option. This will be especially interesting for people who need to host video online with the intention of matching an ad posted on eBay, Craigslist or any other such marketplace. Your uploaded videos are kept private within your account until you share or embed your link. While uploading a video, you are asked to select the option for safety; whether your file is family-friendly clip or a NSFW (not safe for work) file. All profiles on this site are private, there is a no database or search function of public videos and you can not view profiles of other users. You can allow people to view your uploaded video and you can view others’ videos by sharing a URL link. You can use bb-codes and the thumbnail html to share videos which can be posted on webpages, forums, social networks, classified sites, etc.

Your video files will go through a converting stage to convert your files in various formats for supporting playback on lots of devices including tablets, mobile phones (Android, iPhone) and desktops (PC and MAC). After conversion in new playback format, your original video files will be discarded. Your videos may be stored indefinitely long but unwatched, illegal or mis-categorized videos may be removed at anytime.

VideoBam is made with the latest web technologies. VideoBam is hosted on devoted Linux servers with superfluous drives for fast streaming and maximum uptime.

How it works?

To use this service, first explore the site Videobam.com. You can upload and stream unlimited videos and also keep track of your each single uploaded file. To start uploading, click the browse button and then select file from your computer. After selecting the file, choose appropriate option from family-friendly clip and NSFW. Before uploading video, you can modify “Options” like title, description, tags, link and link title and you can also create a teaser video but after that your original video will not be saved. Then click “Save” to continue and after that click “Continue” to start upload. Time of uploading depends on your file size and internet speed. After completion, your file will be hosted on private short URL. Watch your video with already-made thumbnail preview sheet. Post your video on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, forums or blogs and share with friends. VideoBam supports streaming on tablets, mobile phones and desktops. To manage your videos, sign-in or login using your Facebook account and bookmark VideoBam.


  • Totally free, fast and easy video hosting service
  • Upload and share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, forums, blogs, eBay, Craigslist, and more
  • Unlimited videos can be uploaded
  • Keep your videos private within your account
  • Supports almost all popular video formats
  • Convert files in various formats to support streaming on tablets, mobile phones and desktops
  • Create a short sample clip of your file by teaser option
  • Videos will be stored indefinitely long if they are viewed one time in every 30 days


  • Upload file only up to 500 MB size only
  • There is no search function or public database
  • URL link of file is required to view videos of other people
  • Original video files are discarded after creating teaser video and/or after converting video into the new playback format
  • Unwatchedor mis-categorized videos may be removed at anytime

A Tour of VideoBam – Fast, Free Video Hosting video from youtube:

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