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Telly.com – collect and share the best videos from the web

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By nature, the visual things are much easier to capture and understand than text-based service. Video is the best example of how a good visualization can effectively communicate information and become more helpful in “selling” ideas. YouTube does not need any introduction, it offers collection of latest and past videos of worldwide news or things. In this digital world, list of video sharing has been increased and TwitVid is one of them that was once regarded as the “TwitPic of video” and now it has been rebranded as Telly. Under the new name, TwitVid has widened their networks in the directions of video discovery, sharing and social networking, and permits users to collect and share video with friends. If you are a user of Pinterest, then you will really love this redesigned website which looks like Pinterest for video!

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Telly.com is a rename of Twitvid and it has been launched on June 2012 and become social video-discovery site. The rebrand is not precisely a surprise because in December, Twitvid had introduced a renovated version of its site for reflecting new focus. Mo Al Adham is the co-founder of Twitvid/Telly which described that on telly, people will be able to discover content, get entertainment, video, and share their own stories via video. Telly creates smart social suggestions that suit your interests to generate steady, dynamic stream of personalized video.

TwitVid has been working from 2009 and during this time period thousands of celebrities and millions of people used to upload videos about their lives. For the past four years, Twitvid worked only as video-sharing service for Twitter, but with new name it attracts users to upload their own videos, explore friend’s videos as well as access content from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, CNN and ESPN. It is the best place to communicate with people who share your same interests in video and entertainment. It becomes the most useful for video watchers, creators, publishers and syndicators.

No need of any extra registration to get started; you just need to login either in your facebook or twitter account. After login, you have to simply bookmark to post a video to your Telly account. You are also able to begin crafting the topics of videos that you want to prefer and then create personalized feed. In the Telly apps, you can follow other users, subscribe to topics like “Jeremy Lin Crushing It,” and “Funny Cats” as well as collect your favorite videos in appropriate categories.

You can also create list of your most interested and favorite videos. Video creation and content discovery are the keystone of the telly.com. To create your collection, you have to give appropriate title, select collection category and information about “Who can post”. It enables users to collect and curate video content from anywhere as well as upload their own video creation. You can upload video from computer or by pasting URL link of videos. You are also able to repost your uploaded videos on other networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

There is good news for iPhone users, as they can get Twitvid application from App Store and in a near future they will also get the Telly apps. Searching is as simple as other video sharing sites, just write your query in a search box, then you will get list of search results from different video sharing sites. You can also explore videos by topics like pop, comedy, entertainment news, TV, movies, etc.

With rebranded name, it puts it directly in competition with new rising stars like Viddy and Socialcam. It has several benefits over others like its dual focus on both sharing and finding of available sources and user-created content, and a strong built in library of videos from its time. Currently, Telly is available only online but it is planning to expand their service for mobile and tablets. It also recommends people and video collection for you to follow. You can easily access video from the top users and collections you are following.


  • Search video by topic and query
  • Create a video collection of different video-sharing websites
  • Upload self-crafted video from computer or by pasting link
  • Share your video with followers
  • Recommends people and video collection for you to follow
  • No need of registration
  • No limit for video posting

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