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Speakerblast.com – Group music playback on Internet

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Music has a special power to change our mood, refresh our mind and make us cheerful. Exposure to music in any way, either playing it or listening to someone play can give us divine pleasure. Moreover, music is found everywhere in nature like in the rain, in the clouds, in the whistling sound of the winds or in the rustling of leaves. Music is intrinsic to all cultures and have amazing benefits including focusing attention, improving memory, learning language, physical coordination and development, etc.

How would you feel when you could play same song at same time with friends, or play same music at same time using various devices? You will be really happy, isn’t it? These days technology is so advanced that you are able to do group music playback on Internet also. That’s where Speaker Blast comes in. It helps you to make a virtual sound system.

Speakerblast.com - Group music playback on Internet

A Speaker Blast is a web app, where you are able to play the same audio file at the same time on several Internet devices in order to create one huge or small stereo system. You don’t require any particular thing to download or install. It works on iPhone, PCs and also Macs.

You and your friends can use the SpeakerBlast at anyplace, like beach gathering, impromptu dance party, crazy Internet me-me dance, in your next flash mob, or else. Currently, the service has been just announced and not launched so you have to wait for few weeks to get started the use of the site. Simply enter your email address at the required field on the homepage to get early access.

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Positive points:

  • Create one loud speaker with various Internet devices
  • Make one huge stereo system or a small one
  • No need to download or install anything
  • It works on iPhone, PCs and Macs

Speaker Blast – Demo video from youtube:

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