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SMRZr.com – Summarize and Share YouTube Videos

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No doubt, YouTube is the world’s most famous video sharing website out there. There are hundreds of millions of videos on YouTube. In fact, one can search for just about anything here. But sometimes in some videos, we find only certain parts interesting or helpful. From now onwards, whenever you come across such videos, simply head over to the website called smrzr.com. Because SMRZr is a superb online tool that help users to cut and extract selected fragments from any YouTube video, so that one can summarize and share only interesting or handy parts of the video while ignoring the rest.

SMRZr.com - Summarize and Share YouTube Videos

The main purpose of this website is allowing people to summarize and share YouTube videos with ease. Thanks to its extremely simple interface, you can easily grab the important parts of any YouTube video and create a permanent link to that summary which you can share with others on your network. You can even replay the clips in any order and repeat certain parts of the video as well. This means, you can remix or edit existing YouTube videos without breaching anyone’s copyright.

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Summarizing and sharing YouTube videos with SMRZr is very easy. Right on the homepage, you’ll find a box asking you to enter the URL of video. Simply paste the URL of YouTube video you want to summarize, in that box. Then hit the orange-colored ‘Start SMRZing’ button placed right next to the URL box. As soon as you do so, the video will appear on your screen. Now, play the video and start extracting the fragments of the video by clicking on ‘Start a Clip’ and ‘Stop Recording’ buttons. Once you’ve finished summarizing the video, hit the ‘Done’ button. That’s it. Within seconds, you’ll be provided with your summarized video and a permanent link for it. Now, simply copy this URL link and share the video with all your friends.

One of the most exciting things of this web tool is that it also offers a bookmarklet feature. Simply install the SMRZ bookmarklet in your browser and activate it on any YouTube page to instantly summarize that video and share it with your friends. Follow the instructions given below to install the bookmarklet:

Mozilla Firefox: Right-click and select ‘Bookmark This Link’. Alternatively, you can also drag it to the Bookmarks bar.
Google Chrome or Safari: Simply drag the URL link to your Bookmarks bar.
Internet Explorer: Right-click and choose ‘Add to favorites’ option. Or just drag the link to Bookmarks bar.

Once the bookmarklet is installed in your browser, summarizing YouTube videos will become much easier and more convenient. On the YouTube page of a video itself, you’ll find the bookmarklet; just click on it and start summarizing the video instantly.


  • Absolutely free to use
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Allows you to summarize YouTube videos in just a few minutes
  • Lets you quickly share those summarized videos with all your friends
  • Offers a Bookmarklet feature
  • No registration required


  • Supports only YouTube videos

SMRZr demo video from youtube:

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