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Plotagon.com – Create a film by just writing plot, Watch & Share with world

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Have you ever wanted to create your own animated film, but don’t know from where to start? Of course, until now making animated films was quite a difficult and time-consuming task. But now, thanks to innovative animation software called Plotagon, the task of movie-making has become much easier and quicker. Plotagon is truly a superb tool that creates animated films directly from written scripts. More specifically, using Plotagon, anyone with a script can easily create beautiful, realistic and animated 3D movies in no time!

Plotagon.com - Create a film by just writing plot, Watch & Share with world

Plotagon software has a very user-friendly interface. Unlike other video processing softwares and applications available, Plotagon is exceptionally easy to use. In fact, anyone with moderate intelligence can get to grips with this software in just a few minutes. Now, as the main element of filmmaking is the ‘story’, the software is undoubtedly centered on writing. Simply choose the settings and characters, and start writing dialogue. No doubt, you can insert several scenes to your screenplay and specify the actions to be performed by characters. Plus, you can add sound effects and music to enhance the resulting animation.

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Basically, you can write any dialogue you want, and Plotagon will automatically lip-sync and animate it to the tone of voice the particular character is portraying. Moreover, since everything is done on a single editing screen, you can easily preview the end results alongside your script as your movie is taking shape. In this way, Plotagon will also help you to improve your screenplay. Another impressive feature of this tool is that it supports both – the standard Hollywood manuscript format and a more simplistic version. The simple format is perfect for beginners as no prior screenwriting experience is required here.

Once the film is done, all you need to do is press ‘Play’ button to see the end result. Above all, you can share your films with the entire world at plotagon.com. In fact, the site has a special section where you’ll find the latest and most popular films from around the Plotagon community.

Plotagon is currently in beta stage, but still you can use this amazing tool right now. For a limited time, the beta version of the software is made available to the public for an introductory price of $4.99. Plus, a 14-day free trial is available at Plotagon website. This free trial period will allow you to play around with the tool before you decide to pull out the cash from your pocket. The only drawback here is that you’ll not be able to share your creations with others. And make sure to subscribe to the Plotagon Newsletter on the Plotagon website to stay updated about new features and releases.

No matter whether you’ve been writing creatively for years or you’re just a beginner, Plotagon is perfect for you. If you can write a beautiful story, then now you can create a stunning 3D movie too. So, just logon to Plotagon.com, create your own account and start sharing your creations with the whole world.


  • Allow users to easily create animated films just by writing stories
  • Directly turns text into movies, without any intermediate steps
  • Supports both – standard Hollywood manuscript format and simpler format for beginners
  • Allow users to share and rate films
  • Offers a free 14-day trial period


  • The program is still in beta phase

Plotagon – how it works video from youtube:

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