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Mysetlist.io – Play what your fans want to hear based on voting

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Built by a musician for musicians, DJs and producers, MySetlist is a new way for artists and fans to interact at concerts across the world by suggesting and voting on songs at upcoming shows.

Have you ever visited a live concert and saw audience throwing stones on boring performance of musicians or artists? In the concert event, they’ve had several iconic songs and it would be little unexciting when they have to play them every time they perform. But now in this modern era, the concert industry is much advanced than ever where musicians and artists can interact with fans easily. That’s where MySetlist comes in. It is a wonderful platform for fans to suggest their favorite songs and for bands to get a rare insight into the music that their audience really wishes to hear.

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Avid concerts-goers have created MySetlist in order to make it simpler for artists to connect with their fans by knowing what songs they wish to hear. For any artists who wish to connect with their audience, MySetlist is an easy way to improve the experience of shows for your fans. With a free account, artists can submit their show places and band name to create a concert page and then post each link to social media accounts like Twitter or Facebook, or anywhere else where they suppose their fans will see it. When fans hit the show link, they can recommend songs they wish to hear, or vote for a song already listed by hitting the title.

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For fans who wish to hear their favorite song, MySetlist is their answer for requesting songs at shows across the world. Fans can search for an artist’s show or visit a show link of a concert that an artist has already posted. If you wish to hear a particular song, then you can submit the title and view if other fans want to hear it also. Take a look at the songs other fans have suggested, and vote on what you want to hear by hitting the title.

One can even manage their setlists in the cloud and update them at the gig on your Android, iPhone, or other smartphone. It looks great on any device, making it fast and simple to use on the go.

Good points:

  • A good tool for live performance
  • A new way for artists to connect with their audience at shows
  • Artists can see all their listed shows and add new ones with a single click
  • Artists can share their show URL on Twitter and Facebook, so fans can vote
  • Tell a song you want to hear by entering the title
  • Vote for a song already listed by hitting the title

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