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Muzeek.com – Booking platform that connects artists, venue and fans.

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Time is money- don’t waste both to book artists, venue and music concerts because now you can organize and manage everything from start to end in your booking process through muzeek.com.

Nothing is more pleasurable things than listening to live music, whether you in your worst moods or even a better mood. It brings more memorable experience compared to video taped clips. Further, playing live is good for performing artists to connect with their fans, attracts new listeners, show off their musical talents to other people in music industry and share their sentiments with the audience. In live music concert, both artists and fans can be a part of performance by singing along, dancing, and clapping. A lot of people shy away from playing live due to the lack of knowledge about how to book a venue or how to promote a concert. Not to worry now…..because muzeek.com is one of the best places for everyone who want to get platform to present their music talent, or who want to book live music concert easily because it connects artists, venues, agencies, labels, promoters and fans & everyone in-between. Music is really intuitive and latest socially interconnecting and booking platform that lets venues artists, and everyone in-between to book each other just with the click of mouse. In short, it is the world’s coolest, digital, event-booking platform.

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Finally, the booking platform you have been waiting for come at your doorstep with easy process. Muzeek.com is a really simple and powerful booking tool that takes care of agreements, book-keeping and payment. It has been created by 4 friends comes from three different countries in just 6 weeks. When they had started to create muzeek, they have no money for furniture so they used plastic stools and white board.

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Muzeek is the world’s most progressive, digital booking platform that offers digital book button for the music industry that user can embed anywhere on the web as well as they can send calendar combine and performance offers without leaving the host website. It is a search platform that provides difficult management, scheduling & payment tools for venues. It connects artists, venues and everyone in-between, and allow them to book each other directly from anywhere just with internet connected device. It uses data intelligence technology to connect the right artists to the right venues. In a nutshell, it is created to make booking process lot easier.

For artists, it’s really good platform for connecting to venues, promoters, and agencies without spending zero money, so that you can now play more and more. Venues and Bookers can view real-time accessibility as well book artists online from any corner of the world. Further, they can also access other offers and manage more than one booking simultaneously. It enables users to view, listen, and read everything about artists as well as send, accept, decline, and negotiate offers using combined calendar and streamlined messaging. It’s a really better than your flooded email inbox.

Here, artists can ask for booking or send message either through their profile or embeddable contact button. After receiving request of the artist, site will explore their profile, create an offer and pass on the request. Labels, Agencies, Managers, and Promoters can view real-time availability of artists and venues at the same time. Now they can also organize and manage killer shows just with the click of mouse. Emails are really messy and bills are irritating; but you don’t need to worry about it now because here you can manage multiple events, bookings, payments and invoices with user-friendly interface.

Registration must be required to get started. It is a 100% free service to registration for artists, venues, promoters, bookers, labels, agencies or management companies. However, it does not take any fees from artist, but it takes 8% fee on top of accepted bookings form booker. It is really most trust-able way of doing things – Artists obtain exactly what they’re promise; venues save both time and money on unproductive operational costs.

For the registration, you have to click on sign up and select who you are. After that, it will ask user name, password, email address and collective name. As soon as you submit your required detail, it will send confirmation link on your email address, open it and complete registration process. Once you registered in the site, you will be able to book artists, venue, promoters, etc. not only form the website, virtually from anywhere a book button is placed on.

After then, Venues can book artists; artists can book venues; labels or promoter can book both; moreover, artists can book and invite other artists for tours and tea parties. To show real-time “availability”, it combines each user’s calendars automatically. And then, it allows users to select a date, offer price and send request form booking.

It’s a time to throw away those paper bills, messy contracts and individual release forms that require signatures with ball-point pens and scanners from 1990, because it works as booking process from start to finish.

User can embed book button on their facebook page to get booking message in to the facebook vortex. It is data-intelligence platform that access the profile of venues and promoters on the basis of artist type, genre, location, fee and availability. They can also embed their show list anywhere on your profile. It will automatically notify you when shows are booked and events are created.

You can view everything regarding booking as well as your calendar, conversations, attachments, worksheets, riders, specs, requests in a single place. Payments are easy through Muzeek, No attachments, PDFs, printing, signing or emailing because it pays users through PayPal. On this place, you can create attractive profile within minutes and also import your existing music, video and social media in a few clicks.

Here, venue and promoters book artists directly through their website, Facebook Page, Muzeek profile or nearly anywhere on the interweb. You are also able to view all your bookings, offers and custom events just with a click of mouse through your Muzeek calendar, when they happen. Mutual calendars cut down on numerous emails and discussions over accessibility, so that you can access both calendars and booked event at the same times.

Record Labels, Booking Agencies, Management Companies and many others, who related with music industry can manage to represent their complete list in a single Muzeek profile. All booking and events for artists on your list are updated mechanically, so you don’t need to access any other place for it. You can follow all your roster’s activity via Muzeek dashboard as well get notification when artists are booked, made offers and get paid.


  • Simple and user-friendly booking platform
  • Connect artists, venue and fans
  • Free Registration required for everyone
  • Best way to get booked
  • Give HTM coded book button to embed on other places
  • Artists can view venues and promoters on the basis of artist type, genre, location, fee and availability
  • Embed your show lists anywhere on the interweb
  • Manage Your Offers, Not Your Emails
  • View everything in one place like calendar, conversations, attachments, worksheets, riders, specs, etc.
  • Easily see other offers and manage numerous bookings simultaneously
  • Instantly view, listen and read everything about artists
  • Send, accept, decline and negotiate offers via a combined calendar and streamlined messaging
  • Allows artist to send request for booking through Muzeek profile or embeddable Contact Button
  • Make a payment through PayPal
  • You can view all your bookings, offers and custom events just with the click of mouse
  • Record Labels, Booking Agencies, Management Companies and other industry groups manage and present their rosters in a single place
  • Record labels follow their entire Roster’s activity through your Muzeek dashboard

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