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Musipedia.org – Identify and Search Songs through melody

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It happens all time; when you are sitting in the restaurant or driving a car, you like to hear some beautiful song on FM radio station and want to buy the playing music albums. But sometime it happens that, you forget the lyrics of that particular song, so how to identify it? Even, if you trying to discover the name of the song whose lyrics you don’t know? Then melody is simple solutions that become a helpful to identify and search songs. Musipedia.org is the open music encyclopedia and ideal for searching songs by melody. It is not only platform for searching songs, but also for editing and adding collection of melodies and themes. Musipedia enables users to identify and search tunes by keyboard, rhythm, whistling, rhythm or Parsons Code.

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Musipedia.org - Identify and Search Songs through melody

Difficulties take place when you know the only rhythm of the song and want to get it for your favorite music library. Thanks to Rainer Typke who founded musipedia.org in 1997 for identifying pieces of music. Musipedia is inspired by Wikipedia and works best for searching classical music. It is specially creating searchable, editable and expandable collection songs, musical themes and melodies. It is different from Shazam because it can identify all music that comprises of special melody that you just recorded by humming or through the computer keyboard. It enables anyone to reform the collection of melodies and enter MIDI files, textual information about the work and the composer, bitmaps with sheet music or the musical contours as Parsons Code.

If you really like music and want to share insight with other and to pick up new knowledge, then musipedia is perfect for you. No need of registration for searching or identifying songs. There are three ways for searching which is based on pitches and onset times, rhythm or melodic contour. It gives keyboard search, contour search, flash piano, by microphone, or rhythm search. To search a melody through a keyboard or mouse, first you have to select either keyboard or mouse option. If you select keyboard then you can write your melody through keyboard instruction, other wise you can write by mouse click. After adding your searching melody, you can play it online as well as select look for matches. When you hit the search button, it will display list of related songs of searching melody. On a search result page, you can refined your search by pitch or rhythm.

The melodic search is the best search engine that uses an editing distance engine, so that it finds entries with exactly the contour that is entered as a doubt and the most similar ones along with the contours that are not identical. With melodic search, you can restrict the search by categories like classical, popular, folk songs, hymns & carols, and national anthems. Though the melodic contour is the only option, where people can search melodies where they don’t know the key, rhythm, or the exact intervals. To search tunes through Melodic Contour, you have to add Parsons Code.

Rhythm search enables users to “search results by tapping”. It uses the same algorithm as the pitch and onset time method. To search your query through Rhythm search, you have to tap the rhythm of the melody by using any key of keyboard. To stop the recording of the rhythm, you have to click on the same button that you used for starting it.

Search and play the melody on flash Piano is as easy as with Musipedia. Play your tune on piano and get results. You can also listen to the melody of rhythm, just clicking on play button. Many people do not know the actual rhythm of the song or don’t have music skill, so they may face little difficulties for searching tunes by melody. Microphone search is proven to be perfect for those people who can’t explain the tunes by melody. If you have a microphone then attach it to the computer and sing song, it will catch your voice and give the exact result of your search.

Registration must be required to add, delete, and edit the collection of melody it requires name, email, user name, password, security question and answer. You must add latest melody that is not available on the site. The list of search result is offered with edit link, so you can edit melody collection easily. If you are not connected with the Lilypond music typesetter, then use the default editing method known as “Grid for easily entering simplified Lilypond code”. In the edit section, you can also get the section for adding text notes for tunes and composer. Add a bit of sheet music together with MIDI file, you have to enter notes names Lilypond syntax between the [L] and [/L] tags. Preview section is available with editing section, so you can reduce mistakes.

Currently more than 4700 registered members are working on Musipedia to improve the collection of melodies and musical themes. At this place, you can search member by their music instruments, ACMP grade or distance. It is the great platform for those who are searching music through snippets of melody. The several means of entering melody for searches permits a lot of flexibility for users. It also offers numerous results for tunes that contain the preferred measures of melody.


  • Simple and easy interface
  • Free to use
  • Search tunes by Keyboard, Melodic contour, Flash piano, Microphone or Rhythm
  • Add, edit or delete collection of melodies and themes
  • Enter MIDI files, bitmaps with sheet music, lyrics or some text about the piece

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