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Loonapix.com: Add Funny Effects & Frames To Your Photos

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Mostly all people like to have their different types of photos. Now, you can create funny photos with cool photo effects online or add frames to your pics at LoonaPix.com. It becomes a remarkable tool to utilize for photo manipulation and photo effects, and also it does not need any software installation on your computer. All you require is an Internet browser and an Internet connection, and you are ready to go. It is pretty simple and straightforward to apply various face effects and frames to your photos. The results are much impressive, so it is recommended to give at least one try to this image processing service. You will surely love it.

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Loonapix.com: Add Funny Effects & Frames To Your Photos

When you take a look on the website, you have the option to select language. Site can be accessed in many languages and also get the LoonaPix Effects app installed on the Android smart phone. On the center of the site, you observe the procedure to provide different photo effects. See lots of examples given on the homepage from creators of LoonaPix.com. Loonapix is fun to make frames around your online photos. It is even entertaining to simply sit and play around with photos.

LoonaPix describes itself in a little words – “Loonapix is going to beautify your life.” You can easily decorate your photo with a frame, trim it or only make it funny with LoonaPix effect. One good thing is that all the effects and frames are divided into categories and sub categories, thus find easily your preferred effects or frames. LoonaPix is wonderful for sprucing up images for posting on MySpace, Facebook or any other social network for that matter.

How it works?

You are free from the lengthy process of registration to get started with the site. Just head over to LoonaPix.com and choose your favorite Photo Effects from the offered presets. There are lots of frames available to choose from. Moreover, there are different categories and sub-categories for user convenience. Categories include events (wedding, halloween, birthday), kids (cartoons), seasons (summer, winter) and more. You can do 4 things with the photo;

  1. LoonaPix Effect: It makes photo exclusive and amusing
  2. Face Effect: Embed face from the picture to range of templates
  3. Photo Frames: Add suitable photo frame to the photograph from the proposed categories
  4. Photo Trim: Numerous templates (a star, a heart, a flower) for photo trim. Generate personal avatar
Loonapix: Add Funny Effects & Frames To Your Photos

Once you pick up the desired effect from the collection of over a hundred, you can upload a photo from your PC or link to one from the web. There are 2 ways for photo uploading: “From Disk” tab – select a local file from your PC or “From Web” tab – enter an URL of the picture in the WEB. Flickr support will be available soon, so you will be able to upload pictures directly from your Flickr account. Please note before uploading your pic that only JPG, GIF and PNG format pics are accepted and your pic should be less than 10Mb in size. This is rather enough for the high quality image. When the image is uploaded, you can crop it prior to apply the effect. Once produced, it can be downloaded as a JPG image, shared through a unique URL or embedded on a forum or website. There is also option to change effect, change photo and delete photo.


  • Give stylish and amazing looks to your photos
  • Site can be accessed in many languages
  • Add more than hundred effects to your images
  • Add a frame or trim pics to fit a template
  • Process is easy and simple to follow
  • Registration and software installation not required
  • Service available wholly free of cost
  • Created image can be downloaded and shared


  • Unused images will be removed after two weeks
  • None of the features offered are super amazing, but are quite good

Loonapix Tutorial (Walkthrough) video from youtube:

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