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Liveregisandkelly.com – Website of Live with Regis and Kelly

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‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ is an American television morning talk show which is hosted by Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa. Liveregisandkelly.com is the official website of Live with Regis and Kelly where the users can find all the information of their favorite show. The latest information of the show is accessible every day on the site. The users can get information about the hosts and there are also videos to watch.

Liveregisandkelly.com - Website of Live with Regis and Kelly

For the people who do not watch the show frequently there is online Guest Guide which is very useful for them. Fans can buy Regis and Kelly memorabilia from the online store. You can also get tickets of the show and there is also Kelly’s Fashion Finder. The users can also send questions and comments to the Regis and Kelly inbox. You can enter Snapshot Wake Up Call Trivia and there is also Live’s Blog. Also find out about Host Chats and Live’s Stage as well as Live’s Kitchen.

On the home page of Liveregisandkelly.com, there are seven navigations such as Home, Host, Show Info, Video, Fun Stuff, Interact and Help. There is search option on the right side of the page. There is “Visit Our Guest Guide” and below that there is “Reminders from Regis and Kelly” where you can buy tickets. There are also “This week”, “Coming Up” and “Lives’ Achive” blog. On the right side of the page there are Regis and Kelly “Inbox”, “Trivera Enter”, “Host Chat” and “Live’s Stage” option. There is also “Kelly’s Fashion Finder.” At the bottom of the page, there is also “Audience Poll” option.


At “Host” navigation there are two sub-options such as Regis and Kelly. In “Regis” option, you can know about Regis and also send any question or comments for him while at “Kelly” option you can see Kelly’s Funky Fun Workout Playlist and you can also visit Fashion Finder to find out what Kelly is wearing every day.

Show Info:

In “Show Info” navigation there are four sub-options such as Get Tickets, Guest Guide, Local Listings and Gelman’s Page.

  • Get Tickets:
    • At “Get Tickets” sub-option, you can buy tickets online by doing login at Liveregisandkelly.com and you can also request tickets through mail by sending your name, address, and phone number with a stamped, self addressed#10 sized envelope.
  • Guest Guide:
    • At “Guest Guide” sub-option, you will see the guide about who will be stopping by LIVE this week. You can also get the highlights of the show. There is also guest achieve where you can see any missed guest.
  • Local Listings:
    • In “Local Listings”, you can see the information about when and where the show is going to air. You have to just enter your zip code in the box or state and you will get the time and station where Live airs in your area.
  • Gelman’s Page:
    • “Gelman’s Page” includes the detailed information about Michael Gelman.


At “Video” navigation, there are five sub-options such as Host Chat, Video Archive, Web Exclusives, Performances and Bonus Inbox.

  • Host Chat:
    • In “Host Chat” option, you can see the missed host chat video.
  • Video Archive:
    • At “Video Archive” there is a collection of the favorite Regis and Kelly video moments.
  • Web Exclusives:
    • At “Web Exclusives” there are two alternatives like Live Web Exclusives and Web Exclusives Archive. In “Live Web Exclusives” you will see the videos such as the Gagas, Spa-tacular Travel Trivia, Live in Vas Vegas, etc while in “Web Exclusives Archive” there are videos such as Webisode behind the Scenes, Eli & Regis Play Catch, Back Stage with David Gray, etc.
  • Performances:
    • At “Performances” option, you can see the videos of 2010 performances, 2009 performances, 2008 performances, 2007 performances, etc.
  • Bonus Inbox:
    • “Bonus Inbox” includes Regis and Kelly Inbox where you can send message with photo but you will need to register or login. There are also videos like Bonus Edition, Regular Edition and Inbox Archive.

Fun Stuff:

At “Fun Stuff” navigation there sub-options such as Trivia, Recipes and Fashion Finder. “Trivia” option includes Live’s Holiday Spa-tacular Travel Trivia in which you can get a chance to win a Spa-tacular Vacation and Jergens skincare gift every day. There is also the information how to play the game and rules of the game. In “Recipes” option, there is recipe finder where you can search the recipe by choosing a category. At “Fashion Finder” option, there is Kelly’s Fashion Finder where you can see what Kelly is wearing today and there is also a beauty blog.


Interact navigation includes sub-options like Send Regis and Kelly a message, Send Your Submissions, Follow us on Twitter, Visit us on Facebook and Read the Live blog.

  • Send Regis and Kelly a message:
    • There is Regis and Kelly Inbox where you can send message with photo but you will need to register or login. At the bottom of the page there is a “Send a Text message box” where you have to fill the information.
  • Send Your Submissions:
    • You can send your submissions for Amazing Animals and Super Seniors. You can enter online by clicking on “Click Here To Enter Online” button. If you have an account you can directly login by entering the E-mail address and password but if you don’t have an account click on the “Register Now” button.


At “Help” navigation, you can see the FAQ’s.

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User Reviews

5 User Reviews of "Liveregisandkelly.com – Website of Live with Regis and Kelly"
  1. Shiela Jones says:

    Kelly you are a true idoit, you tell everyone on the air that you were to busy to vote. It’s hard to believe that you are still on any show. A TRUE American that puts money ahead of her country. Can’t get enough, what do you need another house?

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  2. Helen Heagy says:

    Hi you guys:
    Just wanted to enter the “win a home” game but can’t seem to find the right spot on my computer. Besides I am not that computer friendly. ::((
    I need the home really badly cos’ my husband and I went from having a great lifestyle to loosing our financial security with the recession. It would give us back our lives and with that the level of humiliation and stress would be lifted. We were all set to retire and now that is not possible because we lost all our personal assets too. Thanks for reading this. Helen

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  3. john zardoz says:

    Back in the day,the seventies on Mercer st. There was the Mercer arts theater where every night hords of lady and guy ga ga monsters hung out where in the numerus rooms showcased one after another act of lady and guy ga ga preformers.

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  4. Karen Kelleher McManus Papachristou says:

    REGIS, THANK YOU for so many years (about 50 for me)! You’ve made us laugh, and your show is the only “unserious” show I watch religiously.
    Your Irish Wit is just incredible. I pray for your good health and for
    a wonderfull retirement, but please don’t stay away for good….
    KELLY, you have surprised me with your quick wit to be a good match for Reg. I really didn’t think it possible (another “blond”),BUT YOU DID IT! hope they find a cohost deserving of you.
    GELMAN, what can I say, except you are a genious – LOOK what you have done!! Congrats!, and ,please keep it up.
    Karen Kelleher McManus Beauchesne Papachristou

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  5. shirley chatman says:

    Regis we will miss you so much, happy retirement to you. I get so upset sometimes with Kelly the way she puts you down.
    Does she realize you are why she is the star she is? It makes me so angry, because you are so sweet to her. I remember when she was new on the show and looked so nervous, what a change! Thanks for all those years Regis, you deserve a break.

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