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Kozzi.com: Download High Quality Photographs for Free!

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Enjoy EXCLUSIVE FREE high resolution pictures’ stock without any BORDER at Kozzi.com!!!!!!!! Picture speak a lot alone; understanding accurately anything with picture is much easier than content. Now grab the chance to make your Photo collection broad with high quality and high resolution images by just downloading from Kozzi for free. Looking for great stock images absolutely can end at Kozzi.com, because it provides thousands of high quality images that will suit your requirements. Many times, people have to face restriction when they come for downloading and uploading free photos from websites, but now they have a choice as Kozzi.com, which allows them to download picture with maximum resolution with simple registration.

Kozzi.com: Download High Quality Photographs for Free!

Kozzi has been founded in 2010 by Dan Kosmayer for offering huge picture collection for free. It is the result of day and night working of their photographers team that always search for best place, moment, adventure and much more to capture in photo and provide you on Kozzi.com for free. The main aim behind the creation is to offer high quality, exclusive images for everyone to enjoy completely free. Picture is one of the best eye-catching things. By taking a help of this photo and vector collection, you can make your website more attractive to enhance traffic and present your service more precisely. Each and every photo of the site is generated with the latest technology, model and trends. It tremendously connects cyborgs, professionals and advertisers to freely use its collection for commercial, educational and leisurely purposes. All users are awarded the license to use images and vectors without any restrictions.

No need of any registration or login for surfing free photo and free vector collection. The collection of photo and vector is very unique, you never see on other place or site. The top quality vectors have been created by professional illustrators and artists. Quality is main concern while using photo providing site, but with Kozzi, you don’t need to worry about quality of photo, as it has professional same like you find on paid site. Premium section of the site can be taken at free of cost by just referring site to 3 friends. It lets users to download photo and vector with one step registration, which require only your name, email address, country and primary use. After confirming your account by email, you can start downloading photo.

Avoid simple search engine,,,, as you can search your items by tags, categories, latest photos, most popular photos, free photos and free premium photos. The collection of the photo is separated with categories which make your searching easier and faster. Numbers of searching choice reduce the confusion of first time users about exploring the photo collections. It offers all types of photo collection from abstract to transportation. If you want to search particular topic images like nature, flower, kids, etc, then just type your keyword in to the search box and get your photo list. When you enter your desired search, it will suggest some other related keywords for searching.

It offers both free photo and free vector, so you are able to narrow down your search by selecting content. You are also able to narrow down your search by orientation and other preferences like isolated shots, illustration, model property, business and creativity. Each photo page is available with 20, 40 and 60 photos. If your internet connection is working slowly, then use less photo page as it reduces your loading time. List of searching can be also filtered by best match, date, downloads, random order, ratings, titles and views.

Once you become a member of the site, it permits you to download picture and gives lightbox to create your own collection of photo for free. The size limit of each photo and vector is from 1 MB to 28.6 MB, so you can set it in your photo making or set as wallpaper easily. No matter whether your downloaded image is big or small, high quality is maintained in both sizes. To download photo, just click on photo size and save on your computer. Each photo page gives information about their keywords; users searched keyword, which become helpful to you for searching.

The lightbox works like a folder in which you can add your favorite photo or group photo. To create a light box, first give appropriate name. After creating your lightbox, explore image or photo of sites and add it direct to your lightbox by just clicking on “ADD TO LIGHT BOX”. Once you add images in to your lightbox, you can view it for download and reference as well as also play images via slideshow.

Viewing!!!! Downloading!!!! Collecting!!!! 100% free high quality stock photography is become easy at Kozzi.com. I have never seen this type of site on the web which offers high quality photo for free to everyone. The main drawback of the site is that it does not permit any person to share their photo collection. Site’s main drawback also becomes its best feature to maintain quality of the images. Overall, the site is best place for picture enthusiastic.

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  • Free to use for everyone
  • Doesn’t charge for premium section
  • Unique collection of vector
  • Make your personal collection by downloading picture
  • No limit for downloading
  • Almost all photo available with 1 MB to 28 MB file size
  • Use premium section by referring Kozzi to three friends
  • Create lightbox by adding picture or vector
  • Searching of particular images or vectors is easy with the help of keywords, tag, categories, etc.
  • Sort out your search result with many options including orientation, category, date, download, match, etc.
  • Maintain high quality with uploading restrictions


  • Registration is required for downloading any images or vectors


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