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iremembermyfirsttime.com: Read All Real First Time Activity Stories

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IRMFT (I Remember My First Time) is a cool social sharing platform wherein users can share and vote on first time experiences of almost all sorts.

First time experiences are always memorable whether good or bad. You can now share these experiences with others easily on an online platform – www.iremembermyfirsttime.com. This super-innovative website not only allows you to share your own experiences but also let you read other people’s interesting first-time experiences. What’s more, the startup is not just limited to serious experiences, like that of buying a new car, it even features some funny and embarrassing experiences of getting drunk for the first time, cheating on an exam, going on a first date, making out for the first time, etc.

iremembermyfirsttime.com: Read All Real First Time Activity Stories

One of the best things about IRMFT is its simple interface. On the homepage itself, you are provided with statements like “I remember my first time buying a car”, “I remember my first time drinking”, “I remember my first time going on a date”, and more. Below each of these statements three rating options are provided: positive, have never done it (virgin) or negative. Simply click on one of these options to rate your experience. You can even share your experience with others, ask for advice if you’re a virgin (have never done it), or provide handy tips to others. Also, on top of the homepage, there’s a box labeled “Submit Your First Time”. So if you’ve any interesting first time experience to share, you can click on this box and submit your own IRMFT statement.

All the IRMFT statements are sorted in categories like: ‘Most Voted’, ‘Newest’, ‘Not Voted’, ‘Most Commented’, and ‘Recent Activity’. Besides these, there’s also a separate section called ‘Most Liked Memories’ where you’ll find most liked comments of all type of IRMFT statements.

As a guest, you can rate & share your experience, reply on each story, vote on the comments of others, and submit your own IRMFT statement. However, for some added benefits like the ability to edit & delete your statement or to get notifications whenever you’ve comments on a first-time you posted, you need to register yourself. You can either register with IRMFT on its website by providing your username, email address, and password, or you can even directly login using your Facebook account.

In near future, IRMFT is expected to generate premium content from famous personalities, like for example, Tiger Woods providing tips for the first time playing golf. Plus, they’re also planning to develop a mobile app.

On the whole, IRMFT is a great site with incredibly unique concept. It’s a perfect platform for reading and sharing tips on first time experiences of all kinds.


  • Read and share first time experiences of all sorts
  • Get and provide valuable tips & advice
  • Simple and clutter-free interface
  • Allow users to reply and vote on comments of others
  • Registration is free
  • Allow direct login using Facebook account
  • Registered users can edit/delete their statements and get notifications
  • Anyone can submit their own IRMFT statement
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