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Invitekix.com – Create & Send Video Invitations for Event

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Invitation cards are among the prime necessities of any occasion whether it is an anniversary celebration, birthday party, job promotion party or engagement party. They provide details of the event to guests and also represent occasion’s theme and style. As per human tendency, all the guests judge the gravity and authenticity of the occasion through the invitation cards. Instead of that boring traditional invitation cards, you can send video invitations to invite your friends and family in a very unique way. Video invitations are tech-savvy and eco-friendly as they directly arrive in the inbox of your friends as well as save paper and time. An online service, Invitekix.com allows you to create video invitations for various parties, functions, get together or social gathering events.

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Invitekix.com - Create & Send Video Invitations for Event

Invitekix was established in May, 2012. It has neat, simple and user-friendly interface. Currently, this site is in beta mode. It is totally free to use so you will be not charged any contract fees to create video invitations. It allows you to create unique and amazing personalized video invitations for all types of occasions with crazy characters. These crazy characters in each video will call you and your invited guests’ names, speak event name, and the date and time of the event. You can create video invitations as per their taste and need.

Each and every guest will get the video invitation through email. To make a perfect video invitation, the site provides 10 pre-made video templates and various categories. There are various common and odd invitation events that are based on different categories such as holidays, sports, general occasions, workshop, daily fun, office, family and weird & sexy. As the site is in beta mode, you can send video invitation to maximum 10 guests at once, but you can send invitation to more guests by creating a new invitation for the same event.

To get started with Invitekix, you have to first register. The registration is free, you just have to provide details like first name, last name and email address. After submitting the details, click on the confirmation email provided to complete your registration. You can also login with your facebook account. You can create video invitations in just three simple steps such as Choose Event & Style, Personalize and Send.

In first step (Choose Event & Style), you have to select an event and a video style from the pre-made video templates. Then, in second step (Personalize) add title to the event, date, time, address, Message to guests, name of host as well as guest names and email addresses. If you don’t find any name in the list of the site, then you can try a different spelling or simply hit the ‘Name not found?’ link. Users can also choose contacts from their Gmail and Facebook account. The third and the last step is to send your video invitation to your friends and family.

Your guest will get an email with a link to the video invitation which they can see in all types of browsers. The guest will receive invitation along with a RSVP form. Guests are able to send you comments or a short message. You can view the guest message and RSVP in your email. Your guests will also get an additional email as a reminder if they confirm that they will come to your event. Video invitation can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or through Email.


  • Free of cost
  • No need to install any software
  • Simple and user-friendly Web interface
  • Allow to create personalized video invitations
  • Let the guests to comment on your work
  • Guests can view the video on any browsers
  • Provides 10 pre-made video templates and various event categories
  • Characters in the video speak the user & guest name as well as event time and date


  • Registration is compulsory

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