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y8.com – Free Flash Games Website

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Www. y8.com is the official website for free flash games, which can be chosen and play online. The site adds more fun games every day that are appropriate for the children and kid friendly. All top y8 game categories include action, adventure, car, animal, dress up, fighting, flash, food, fun, kids, management, mouse skill, puzzles, shooting and sports game, and more.

y8.com - Free Flash Games Website

Www.y8.com is a free flash games website, where you can play new games, most popular games, fun animations, etc. “Y8.com is a directory of free flash games. Play a game now!” is a tagline for the website. Y8.com looks different than other online game website. The website is simple but attracts many players with its high speed loading features.

You will be surprised first, when you open the site, as it consist too many games. On the left side of the page, each of the categories has hundreds or thousands of games. Just click on any of the game categories, then you will find the list of games related to that category.

The website does not consist of all the game categories in the list. To see more categories click on “More Categories”. It’s time to play games as if you are game seeker, you will be on the right place. Y8.com provides a range of memory games that include famous characters. These games are suitable for even the youngest players. Memory games improve child’s thinking skills.

The kids section of the website includes large assortment of games. Kid’s games include characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario, and Pokemon. An educational element is available in many games, mostly for fun. It is recommended to use the search function located at the upper right hand corner of the website to find that games.

You can find latest games such as Ben 10 Ninja, Sleepwalk, Ben10: The Water World, Happy Birthday, Beat Up Mushroom Men, Color Traffic, How to Make Chicken Teriyaki, Sleep Walk, Dog Breeder Contest and Cool Chicken Alfredo.

At the middle of the website, so many best games of all times are available to select. These best games can be sorted as best games of week, best games of month, best games of 2 months, etc. when you click on the theme of the games you desire, you can find submission details for the game.

Click on the right side “add to your favorite” link and register on the next page using your user name, password and email address, if you are interested to add game to your favorite. In order to add the game to your webpage, simply copy the code that you find at the bottom of page.

There is also option to play game in the wide screen. Read game play tricks and controls before you start to play. Voting is available for each game, give vote to your desired game. Visit the old games index, for more games. If you have questions and other inquiries, then get and submit email form online.

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