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Www. playhousedisneychannel-asia.com is the official site of the Playhouse Disney channels which is Formerly a programming block on Disney Channel Asia weekdays from noon to 2:00 PM. It is similar to the Playhouse Disney Channel in the United States of America. At this site you can play games, watch videos, find fun printable activities and more starring your favorite characters. You can play number of games like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Little Einsteins, Higglytown Heroes, JoJo’s Circus, Johnny and the Sprites, Charlie and Lola, The Koala and more at PlayhouseDisneyChannel-Asia.com.

www.PlayhouseDisneyChannel-Asia.com - Playhouse Disney Games

Play house Disney in Asia was launched in January 1, 1994. Currently, Playhouse Disney Channel is available in the Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam. At the www.playhousedisneychannel-asia.com, you will get information like games, print and colors, music, stories, TV schedule, Birthday book, celebration center, and craft my day. The site looks is so interesting and attractive.

At this you can play games from games section, where you can play total six games including Minnie’s skating symphony, mystery picture count up, mousekespotter, choo-choo express game, goofy’s wild shoe round-up, etc. Sites gives print and color section, where you can print cartooning page for kids to fill colors. Music is one of the best parts in everyone life, but on this site at music section you will get Song scene cartooning  page, which you can fill by filling color which is given on right side of the scene with music.

If you miss any episode of the Playhouse Disney channels show or you want to know stories about your favorite show, then site gives special navigation “stories” for this. At this section you will Disney house show stories like Mickey Mouse clubhouse, little Einstein’s, my friend tigger and Pooh, Handy many, Johnny and the sprites, higgly town heroes, Imagination movers, etc. To read this story, first open story where you will read one by one page very simply and easily with picture image.

Get play house Disney channel TV program schedule with show and release time from TV schedule section. Birthday book is very interesting part of the site, where parents put their children birthday detail at site. Playhouse Disney’s Birthday Book is a book filled with photos of birthday boys and girls. Every month on Playhouse Disney Channel, you will show the photos of children whose birthdays fall on that month. If you want to see your child on Playhouse Disney’s Birthday Book, then simply send your child photo with your Child’s Name, Birth-date, Address, Contact Number, Cable Operator and Subscriber Number at below address:

Playhouse Disney’s Birthday Book
Singapore Post Centre
P.O. Box 1110
Singapore 914037

Users also choose celebration theme from the site. By this site you will get theme about birthday celebration, games and activities, decorations, invitations, etc. Encourage creativity with an icebreaker activity by inviting children to begin coloring on craft paper as soon as they arrive at the party. Site gives craft my day section, where you can learn about crafting with instruction. If you ready to craft your day, then click on any craft from the site, when you open it you will see crafting details with materials and instruction about how to make it?. At this page you will see also video instruction about your selecting craft.

Source: www.playhousedisneychannel-asia.com.

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