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Club Penguin Entertainment developed a virtual world including a range of online games and activities, which is included in Club Penguin massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Cartoon penguin-avatars are used and played in a winter-set virtual world by players. Club Penguin was made available to the general public on October 24, 2005 after beta-testing and has since expanded into a big online community — growing to the extent that by late 2007, it was claimed that Club Penguin had more than 12 million user accounts. Players are allowed to access a range of additional features while free memberships are available.

cpCheats.info: The REAL Club Penguin Cheating Website

With an additional $350 million in bonuses should specific targets be met by 2009, the success of Club Penguin led to New Horizon being purchased by The Walt Disney Company in August 2007 for the sum of $350 million. For the ages of 6 to 14, the game was designed. A main focal point of the developers has been on child safety, with numerous features introduced to the game to facilitate this containing providing an “Ultimate Safe Chat” mode, whereby consumers select their comments from a menu, filtering that prevents swearing and the revelation of personal information, and moderators (along with veteran players) who police the game. The game has been criticized for teaching consumerism and players are allowed to “cheat”.

Www.cpCheats.info is the blog of CP Cheats, The REAL Club Penguin game, where you can get its cheat codes and walkthrough. When you visit Www.cpCheats.info, you can see the eight navigations such as Blog, FAQ, Item kts & SWF, Catalog Secrets, penguin Storm 11.1, Money Maker 2, CP Trainer 2+, and Other programs. At www.cpCheats.info, you will see categories like, events, copyright Stuff, twitter and youtube, CP Cheats.info network sites, recent posts, recent comments, archives, and meta.

  • In Blog Navigation, you can get the information about money maker problem, in focus: Herbert’s Revenge (USA Version), EPF Sneak Peak, CP has NOT lost 1 million Members, PS 11.5 Test Version, I’m Unbanned, HQ and EPF, New Pin Seashell pin, Newspaper issue #242, Upcoming Events, and PS 11.4 Test version.
  • In FAQ Navigation, you can get three types of FAQs such as Trainer FAQ, Perm Item FAQ, and Blog FAQ. You can get full information about these sections.
  • In Item Ids & SWF Navigation, you can get information about Items such as Permable Items List, Full Items List (Most are patched), Furniture List (Most are patched), Full Igloo List, Full Floor List, Pin Location, about SWF such as Current SWF, SWF Database, about Music, and Full Music List.
  • In Catalog Secrets Navigation, you can get information about Catalog Secrets such as Clothing Catalog, Furniture Catalog, Costume Catalog, Sport Catalog, Igloo Upgrades, F.I.S.H Catalog, Pet Furniture Catalog, and Catchin’ Waves Game Upgrades Catalog.
  • In Penguin Storm 11.1 Navigation, you can get information about Penguin Storm 11.1 game, and Download Penguin Storm 11.1 (ZIP).
  • In Money Maker 2 Navigation, you can get full information about Money Maker 2.
  • In CP Trainer 2+ Navigation, you can get CP Trainer 2+ guide to get information about download this game.
  • In Other Programs Navigation, you can get information about Other Programs such as Club Penguin File Downloader, CP Revolution, Perm Item Trainer, CP Fullscreen, and Beta: Puffle Colour Demo.
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3 User Reviews of "cpCheats.info: The REAL Club Penguin Cheating Website"
  1. free club penguin says:

    Thank you, I will check the site out for sure.

    To be honest Im horrible at club penguin, so this should help me lol


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  2. penguin fan says:

    i go to cp cheats.info not this one well i need help to get items that are allowed

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  3. Yoda98535 says:

    heyy wanna know a glitch?

    wear the 3d glasses and dance

    the colors on the lenses will change as you are dancing


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