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Nowadays, people are crazy about finding game tips and tricks from the internet due to they can easily search walkthrough and game information on the web to play the game. Www.bradygames.com provides Games Strategy and Cheats that are required for playing game.

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Www.bradygames.com is the official website of Bradygames, a publishing company in the United States. This website provides strategy guides of video games. Multiple video game platforms are being covered in video game strategy guides. Strategy guides are available from the collectible Signature Series to the standard video and PC books at bradygames.com. In-depth content, detailed screen captures and quick reference and strategy tips are the features of strategy guides. Players get help in getting out of the games by its unique formats and products.

First strategy guide was published in November 1993 by BradyGames. At present, approximately 90-100 guides are published per year. Prima Games and Piggyback Interactive are competitors of BradyGames. Two different versions of one guide such as regular and limited edition are occasionally offered by the company. Usually, these versions contain bonus items such as a CD-ROM soundtrack or separate book containing art from the respective game. Gamers desire and require both casual and hardcore in a strategy guide that is identified by the company after 10 years in business. Complete video game guides that pose numerous challenges are developed by the company.

When players visit bradygames.com, they will see navigation like “Home”, “Guides”, “E-Guides”, “Secret Codes”, and “Featured games”. Players will also see quick search option, by which they can search any guide or anything quickly. Players will also see latest headlines, featured games, newest strategy guides, latest news, etc. “About”, ‘Legal Notice”, “Privacy Policy”, “Press”, “Contact us”, “Advertise”, and “Site map” are the other options of www.bradygames.com.

The signature series is the first guide for BradyGames. All the single player campaign walkthrough for all missions that are required to play the game are included in this guide. The bonus objectives are also covered in the game guide. Players can find special maps that only come with the guide. Picture the locations of units, enemy bases and key spots for the game are shown to players by these maps. The guide is perfect for the single player portion of the game Starcraft 2. Players can find most of this stuff by just searching the net and asking questions. But it disappoints players in multiplayer portion of the game Starcraft 2.

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