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Worldsbiggestpacman.com – The World Of Packman Game

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Mostly all game lovers are familiar with the Pacman game very well. Pac-Man fans get ready to play the classic arcade game into a huge online diversion at Worldsbiggestpacman.com. There are numerous people today who persistently generate new pacman games. The World of Packman Game has become one of the biggest hit in spring 2011. In honor of Pacman, this is an innovative and exclusive screen shot of a site.

Worldsbiggestpacman.com - The World Of Packman Game

The World’s biggest PAC-MAN game has been created in 2011 by Soap Creative, an Australian Company together with Pac-Man’s publisher Namco-Bandai to highlight Microsoft’s newest browser, Internet Explorer 9. If you assume you have outstanding Pac-Man skills, then try them out on World’s Biggest Pac-Man. This free browser-based game permits you to play the retro game as well as produce your own mazes and link them up with others online.

How to play The World’s biggest Packman games?

The World of Packman Game is a sort of platform to create your own board, which is added to the base with already formed boards. Actually this is a simple pacman game at which there are various mazes after which we can shift pass all the way through the gaps in the outer wall, which pacman classic games use to traverse from one side to the other side of the board. World’s Biggest Pac-Man is a gathering of several user-created Pac-Man levels to play. Your first step is to choose the board where you desire to begin the game.

Worldsbiggestpacman.com - The World Of Packman Game

You can start to play the game without registration by clicking on any game map but for creating your own maze you have to log in on the “World’s Biggest PAC-MAN” platform through Facebook. Check out on the top-right screen of your homepage for your play statistics that show total dots eaten, lost lives, ghosts eaten, mazes created, played and completed, and also top countries. Just below it, you can view the global stats.

Positive points:

  • Just press on a game map and initiate the Pac-Man game.
  • Try varied Pac-Man versions by pressing on diverse maps.
  • Also produce your own Pac-Man levels.
  • Don’t require registration or any software to download/install.
  • Free user-friendly web tool.
  • Shows different site statistics on the homepage.

Negative points:

  • Facebook account is compulsory to form your own maze.

World’s Biggest PAC-MAN game video from youtube:

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